Sony Ericsson S700 vs. Nokia 7610: Megapixel duel

25 July 2004
Nokia 7610 is one of the first (together with Sharp GX30/GX32) widely available megapixel camera phones. We expect Siemens S65 coming up in August and Sony Ericsson S700 after the summer holidays. Ericsson S700 was available on the Sony Ericsson mobiles presentation and we made some pictures with the phone. For the sake of the comparison we took the same scenes with Nokia 7610.

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  • Phny

I have fond memories of my S700. I brought it at an island trip. It made wonderful photo memories.

  • Robb8e

SeF, 26 Oct 20077610 camera possibilities are ancient, useless in most situ... moreThe 7610 is still a solid performer

  • SeF

7610 camera possibilities are ancient, useless in most situations except outdoor shots, S700 camera is usable in all situations even in low-light. and outdoor shots overkills 7610's once setting was tweaked well :)

S700 wins handsdown :)

  • Anonymous

Nokia 7610 is better...

  • Anonymous

I think Its obivous that s700 is much better