Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 review: Flying first class

23 October 2013
Lightweight, agile and simply affordable, seven-inchers did, at one point, seem capable of pushing ten-inch Android tablets out of business. Even Samsung, with its device-for-every-taste approach had to admit defeat...

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  • udochukwu
  • Nue
  • 28 Oct 2021

Bought it (LTE version) back then in 2014. Still usable in it's 7th year. Can still handle my Real Racing 3 game like a champ. Still gives me a full day of normal usage (phone calls & web browsing) from it's battery. Have fallen almost a hundred times and the screen is still intact. This has been the most value-for-money gadget I've ever bought.

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    • Shalton
    • DkQ
    • 22 Aug 2021

    Will it support 4G pls comment below

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      • Anonymous
      • fC8
      • 22 Jan 2021

      MB, 15 Jan 2021Running in its 8th year. Bought back in 2014, no issues so ... moreI have a note 3 bought in 2014 but used less than a dozen times. Does the jelly bean OS support OTT applications and streaming?

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        • MB
        • 7wj
        • 15 Jan 2021

        Running in its 8th year. Bought back in 2014, no issues so far. Still looks fresh and reliable.

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          • Anonymous
          • Nug
          • 23 Apr 2019

          Anonymous, 25 Oct 2017My tablet's screen is off. It is on but the screen is off a... moreI had same problem and had to flash the device. It is okay now.

            • W
            • Wanda
            • 4D$
            • 26 Feb 2019

            I have had mine since first release. Been using it for going on 5 years now. Love it! No serious problems. Email program, that was installed when I bought it, says I have 47 emails, but there's nothing there. I'll figure it out. Love samsung!

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              • nobody
              • p2x
              • 07 May 2018

              I use mine since its first release. now using it over 4 years and it is still the best Samsung tablet, despite there are newer tablets even with S-pens. You can compare this device with newer release tablets to see that in written specs and features, it still beats them. I use it everyday to watch, surf, edit photos or to edit videos. (Please check VideoPad from NCH Software if you are interested in professional video editing or if you are working at the movie industry.) I used it as a PC replacement for about 2 years in 2015 and 2016. I wish I had full office abilities such as using macros in excel. for me only missing feature of this device is that a missing full feature office software. Powerful, stylish, feature rich, helpful companion.

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                • Alb
                • th9
                • 09 Nov 2017

                Does anyone know how to fix blank screen problem,

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                  • Anonymous
                  • fsT
                  • 25 Oct 2017

                  My tablet's screen is off. It is on but the screen is off and refuses to come on. What should I do?

                    • J
                    • Juan
                    • pu7
                    • 11 Jan 2017

                    I have not been lucky with my Samsung note 10.1 I bought in 2015. I never used it so much, and I only used it at home. One day it did not start, and when I connected to charge it did not charge. I sent it to Samsung reparation store being under guarantee. They repaired but did not know what happened. After a while, I had the same problem and I took it to the same place. They repaired it again but did not explained to me clearly what was the problem. I used it for almost one year, only in my home and not everyday, I was happy and started to feel comfortable using my Galaxy Note when one night I tried to turn on it and did not work. I recharged recently and the battery was charged in 92%. I tried to recharged but did not work. I sent it for reparation and I was informed the mother board collapsed, and it is nothing they can do!! I do not understand how it is possible a quite new equipment can be out of order so quick and without possibility to be repaired. I would appreciate any advise.

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                      • Omid46
                      • auJ
                      • 20 Nov 2016

                      Dearest enthusiasts.Made in 2013!We are almost in 2017!!With the price range and good specifications,this note 10.1(sadly discounted!!!?) is still one of the best choice for the students,families,and hard earning working classes!!!Factwriting is the best guidelines!!!Justice Rights....

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                        • AnonD-598707
                        • n9G
                        • 17 Oct 2016

                        Hello. I have problem with my Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 LTE, 2014 Edition 32GB. There is some problem with failure of motherboard, I can’t find new one for replace.
                        Can you help me and send me correct motherboard specification number and recommendation where is possible to buy it?
                        I think that 2,5-year operation is too short time to finish manufacturing of spare parts for tablet repair.

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                          • Frank
                          • r@5
                          • 28 Jul 2015

                          I have had my galaxy 10.1 2014 edition for a little over a year and a half. I use it on a daily basis mainly for Internet and emails. I've noticed last few months that the battery it's not lasting as long as when it was new. I have to charge the battery very night where I could get away before with every other night. It is a little laggy but it does everything I wanted to do. I haven't had any firmware updates in quite sometime. Been about a year. I normally buy Samsung products I currently have an s5, s6 and a Galaxy Tab 10.1. Overall I'm very happy with Samsung's products but I do not like TouchWiz.

                            • j
                            • jimi
                            • 6{n
                            • 25 Mar 2015

                            I try many time ti slot in a micro sim card what i recieve from the screen is no sim card . I use 4g lte tupe of micro sim card

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                              • Henry
                              • Mf5
                              • 13 Jan 2015

                              I have found this tablet the best given the ones available in the market. I have read a number of review articles comparing ipad Air and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014.
                              These are the things I like about it:
                              1. Expandable memory;
                              2. File manager;
                              3. Ability to transfer files between this device and any other via Bluetooth;
                              4. Drag and drop, ease of loading files (pic, videos, docs etc) in and out of the device, without need for internet connection;
                              5. The use of stylus pen is incredible and matchless.

                              What I do not like
                              1. The device lags at times, I normally run a RAM test and close all apps which may cause this.

                              On overall, this is a great device one can own, smooth, nice, usable for different purposes, meetings, entertainment, research...

                                • D
                                • AnonD-284089
                                • MBq
                                • 27 Aug 2014

                                almost 1 year later, still the best tablet around :)

                                  • j
                                  • johneb
                                  • N9@
                                  • 18 Feb 2014

                                  Why is it that the palm motion & smart scroll are not working on this galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition ?is it for fancy ?

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                                    • AnonD-201872
                                    • fkg
                                    • 20 Jan 2014

                                    please GSMArena make an endurance rate for the Note 10.1 2014 edition , we want to know how it will handle normal day usage

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                                      • end7
                                      • N9@
                                      • 15 Jan 2014

                                      Thank you, Please where can I download the firmware update (MK1), I'm using the sm-p601

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                                        • AnonD-216022
                                        • PjZ
                                        • 17 Dec 2013

                                        Not that great. I just bought one. It's a laggy and buggy device. I made all the updates (3 soon after turning it on). Nothing changed. I'm telling you, I'm the owner of a Galaxy note 2 and a g. note 8, and they are incrediable better, more faster and smoother. I'wasn't expect nothing else than worst than that. Is similar in buggy and laggy as the my fist galaxy S (three years old device), or worst.
                                        The screen is amazing, the battery life disapointed. Previously this tablet I had an Ipad 2, but I sold to buy this one... Even hating apple i'm missing it. In the end, I rooted, freezed a lot of apps, and installed a new launcher, to improve what samsung should do by itself...