Meizu MX3 review: Eastern connection

2 November 2013
The name should definitely ring a bell to our loyal readers and those who didnít miss the Meizu MX and the MX 4-core will know what to expect. But even if Meizu somehow slipped under your radar, weíll fill in the blanks for you.The Meizu MX3 is closely related to the the original MX and the MX 4-core...

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  • Anonymous

Je, 04 Nov 20131080x1080? What the hell? The screen isn't square now is it?1800*1080

  • JL

Meizu is getting better and better now. Maybe next year it will set retail stores in USA. I know its products are selling well in Russia.

  • AnonD-131593

Mx3 is all about appearance than the performance .
Design - 5star
Performance - 3
Camera - 2 ( very slow focus )
Battery -3
Price - 2
Advertisement - 5 ( i wish there is english version of Meizuís MX3 Beijing Water Cube conference because they manage to bluff the audience confidently than apple lol

  • kucku

max, 02 Nov 2013I can't believe the benchmark results. Meizu used to be the mast... moreI think there was some energy management in the background... I have a Meizu MX2 and I think MX3 works the same way...
My MX2 doesn't switch on all cores with maximum frequency when you open a benchmark application. Even when you run its test! e.g. Linpack... On the first run you get about half the points than you should. You have to run several times the test to get working all the 4 cores. (And set the CPU setting to 'high' of course.)

And AFAIK in MX3 the GPU's max frequency is 533MHz, not just in benchmark apps. ;)

  • klyze

AnonD-90736, 03 Nov 2013Exynos chipset = complete and utter fail, enough said.I agree, enough of this 8 core nonsense

  • Anonymous

Nice design and nice UI. Too bad the performance is way too low and price for the low performance too high.

  • Je

1080x1080? What the hell? The screen isn't square now is it?

It seems that Samsung finally found a home for all these Exynos 101-core SOCs they make :>

  • AnonD-133465

Design looks so good :)

  • Jason squad

Non-removable battery.... Non-removable battery everywhere

  • the_seba

Why would Meizu put all this effort into making the back cover removable yet still make the battery non-removable. To make things worse, once opened, the back reveals an entire battery in all it's glory. HTC did that with the One MAX and we're all sure this will not sell as well as the Note 3 with it's removable battery. That's why I'd always chose a Samsung phone, for simple practicality. My Note's battery is starting to show signs of deterioration after 2 years and all I'll have to do is pop in a new, $30 one - I'll be good to go for another 2 years.

  • AnonD-117869

Note3 is not an phone..its almost an laptop ...

  • AnonD-8779

AnonD-90736, 03 Nov 2013Exynos chipset = complete and utter fail, enough said.right said

  • Anonymous

All I see is the Galaxy Note 3 trumphing every other phone out there in the tests you have ROFL.

  • AnonD-90736

Exynos chipset = complete and utter fail, enough said.

  • AnonD-151727


  • AnonD-3736

nice review as always. I'm really surprised by the software on this phone, there is really a lot of things you usually would have to get an app for, and a launcher fixes the lack of an app drawer. The only problems seem to be the high noise in pictures, the exacerbated bitrate in videos, and the high standby power draw. Impressed otherwise!

  • max

I can't believe the benchmark results. Meizu used to be the master of android optimization. The mx 4core beat the galaxy s3 using the same cpu, i was expecting mx3 to be over s4. Are you sure you tested ok? The cpu setting was on "high"? Maybe it was some other app using resources.

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi is a lot more interesting, review their phones instead, especially the Hongmi

  • xperia_kimboy

Nyc phone