Sony Ericsson P990 review: A coveted smartphone

04 August 2006
Highly awaited as it is, Sony Ericsson P990 is going to be the flagship of the Sony Ericsson product line. Equipped with every possible current connectivity features, an autofocus 2 megapixel camera, a second video calls camera, a conventional keypad and a QWERTY keyboard, Memory Stick slot, FM radio with RDS, the latest Symbian 9.1 OS, and last, but not least with a large 2.76" TFT touchscreen with a QVGA (240x320 pixels) resolution it surely made the news for many impatiently waiting fans when it finally hit the market.

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  • Ng1

Hi there,
I need some advice from tech experts re: sim compatibility of Sony Ericcson P990i. I have not used it for the last 3-4 years in Australia. Is it still compatible with existing sim providers in Australia? Doe sit have 3G Bandwidth compatibility?
Thanks in advance.

  • Gabbar

Soooo nice phon I like it I need this phon

  • Anonymous

When an improved software version for your phone is introduced, you can update your phone using the Sony Ericsson Update Service on The Web page has further instructions and will guide you through the process.
To run an update, you need a PC with an Internet connection. You also need to have the Sony Ericsson PC Suite installed and a USB connection between your phone and the PC.

  • Jan

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2010please someone should help me each time i make a call as long a... moreDear user,
I have a similar problem caused by a second battery I have bought for the phone. It switches off suddenly, though battery is not really out of power. I thought it is the phone's problem, but it never happens with my old original battery. Both batteries are made in China, it's original stuff, but somehow the phone is not be able to manage the newer battery correctly. Instead it assumes that power is not enough and switches off without any warning.
I suggest you buy another battery and try again.


  • Jan

imran, 28 Mar 2010my sony erricson p990i screen are working but my screen alignmen... moreShould work like this (keyboard panel is opened):
Control Panel/
Setup Wizard/
press "Yes"/

Then press the arrow to the right
- one time (window named "leaving applications" appears); ignore it and press
- another time (window "back" appears); ignore it and press
- another time (window "task manager dialogue"); ignore it and press
- another time (window "predictive text..."); ignore it and press
- another time (HERE YOU ARE!! You can now adjust the screen by tapping the centre points)

Hope it works!

  • chris

I've been using this phone for 3 years now, it is still working as fine and good as new. although some are already malfunctions like: roller jog is no longer functioning but still i can use the scrolling, multitap keypad retired so i have to remove it and use the QWERTY keyboard and most of all the LCD has been dis align thats why i cannot use some of the features (too bad) i already have the plan to replace this by next onth, i am planning for nokia n900.. cheers to P990i, thank you for being with me through my ups and downs.

  • Mr Patel

Maybe I beat everyone here, well I must do, I did manage to get hold of the phone atleast a month before the official release in the UK, I have been using the phone for exactly 5years how!! YES FIVE YEARS!! I paid £500 sim free for it, then after it shot up to £700 sim free. I have broken/lost all 3 stylus's, the bottom right button on the flip stoped working so I have removed it last year and couple months after that the scroll stopped working properly but stil using all its features, the office apps, wifi internet, taking pictures, messaging, EVERYTHING. this phone is great, Its only recently cheaper phones have matched this old beasts spec.. and will i replace it?! YES! it is 5years old, it looks tired, it is tired, and it has become EXTREMELY outdated.. what will I upgrade it too... NOKIA N8!! why not an anroid HTC Desire? Galaxy S? Iphone? etc, because N8 may not have the best UI, may no thave the best features, but u had 2 b inteligient to work out how 2 use the P990i anyways, therefore the UI will b fine and the N8 (although I will h8 how it will b a popular multimedia phone for kids) has ALL the features required, inc hot swappable microSD card. Know I will see if the Nokia has the same build quality as the SE. heres t0 5 new yrs with a new phone :D

  • Anonymous

please someone should help me
each time i make a call as long as 5mins and above or receive a call up to 5mins upwards, my p990i goes off on its own without the battery being low. even if it flashes red n i reboot the device. after about 15mins the battery will rise but a call of up to 5 mins is enough to turn it off
meanwhile i can play music with headset upto 4hrs without such issues. what could be wrong

  • imran

my sony erricson p990i screen are working but my screen alignment was changed how can i solve this problem please tellme

  • Mick O'Brien

Ok, I've had 2 990i's, first was stolen by someone who saw it a solution to their next fix, so went out and got replacement. Now the model is getting old, the Symbian OS is turning up to be dead in the water, the crashing problem has been reduced but not sorted, re-packaged as "improvements". The hardware is still awesome, the Wi-Fi been handy in a free zone. Qwerty keyboard useable to me but sausage fingers have troubles, Has bounceability, wish the audio O/P could be louder, no radio with bluetooth. (even if you plug in the hardware ariel/headphones).
Good phone if you are happy for the +'s to outweigh the -'s (avoid if you don't do -'s,s) and can think out of the "Windows" box. pick a second hand up for about £60 on E. Mines got the max 8GB mem upgrade, now I wonder if i can squeeze in a movie or 2 in there?

  • Saif

Hi All,
Hope you people are fine....

Be frank, am using this P990i for the last 2 years. its superb good,very fast, very nice , i already used almost all the features and its damn good, its very fast also..

I love this phone...still now i never thinking of a new one..
becoz am very happy with this....

u can see the Business card scanner, its really useful a business travel people like us..........
Camera -Superb
Sound- superb

All u need is to update software when its released...

  • GMax

flipsides, 23 Jan 2009ei people, just want to know if how much memory the p990i can su... moreI have my P990i running with a 4GB MSDuoPro without any problems. I love this phone!

  • cajetan

forget it - everything from the many software bugs to the lousy battery life - can't recommend this phone at all - did i mention that it hangs a lot as well so while u r thinking the phone is working your friends that r calling u goes straight to the answer phone and oh i have undated the software via the SE updater so u don't even want to know my thoughts when i first got it!

  • roseshit

P990i is better than W950i?why?i need the answer immediately.thx

  • flipsides

ei people, just want to know if how much memory the p990i can support? my friend say it can support up to 4gig of ms pro duo, but im not sure about it, so i need a 2nd demotion. thnx

  • Anonymous

Mr a, 25 Sep 2006hi guys.. I'm going to buy a p990i .. should I do that?it seems ... moreI have P990i over 2 years now and to be honest it is the best cell phone Iíve ever had. There are no problems with softwares at all. There are plenty of options and features to use. The only problem which Iím not sure wether itís a problem or not is, the booting is a little bit slow but other than that itís great and if you wanna buy one I should say its a very good decision you made.

  • nick

I have been using this phone for the past 6 months.At first I had issues in every single thing in that phone.So, after a great research I finally got to know that the updates provided on SE website for P990i fixed almost ALL the issues.I configured my PC with the phone using the provided software and all I do is Update the software inside the phone.I did it twice till now,and I see a good response in the way it is working. But before updating the software, make sure to backup the whole stuff on your phone. This indeed is a very good phone. Except the look is a bit bulky.

  • Michelle Angela

well.,. i already have this Smart Phone.,. and i'm using this phone for about 7 months... after having this phone,., i never dreamed of buying a new one... i'm very much happy and satisfied with Sony Ericsson P990i.

  • senthil

my sony ericssion p990i touch screen is not workink whats the solution

  • Alej

Imagine from 45K to 20K!!!! im a p800, and p910 user.... and i'm just excited to have this.... though P1i is also a good choice,,, it has no normal keypad.... unlike the p990.... I know it's late but I'm still excited.... i'm planning to wait for the p3 (not sure about the name) that says that it looks like the Iphone.... finally... hope to have p990.....