LG Nexus 5 review: Back to the future

13 November 2013
Nexus phone releases are timed to let Google have the last word – and what a way to have it! A phone that matches any flagship on specs and premieres the latest OS version, but costs barely half as much as some of them. The Nexus 5 promises a....

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  • Anonymous

Can i use this phone in 4G

  • Dabeer Shaikb

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2015hi guys share your opinion about marshmallow on nexus 5.Android 6 fast in nexus 5

  • Anonymous

Hey Guys I had 2 questions about this phone. I found one on ebay and was wondering is this the same phone as on this page? LG Nexus 5 D820 And also can anyone confirm if It plays pokemon go and uses the AR Capabilitys? I ask cause my Current Phone which is an LG Optimus L90 plays the game well but does not use the AR mode!

  • RD Aman

It is great phone .
But front camera quality is little low because of camera is little than 2 mp .
this is outdated thing camera should be atleast 3.0mp.
If you want selfie than it is better you buy another phone.
I am facing that problem too.

  • anon

The Nexus 5 is an awsome phone, really smooth and completely worth it if you find the right one... The main problem is that if you don't its a pain in the ass, because it can get screen failure, mics failure, both cameras failure, power button failure... and I still cant let it go. All I want to say is to be really careful when buying a Nexus 5 and look for both cameras fully working and if the screen has ever been changed, also if it had any issues with the power button. Its a really awsome phone that still catches up with an S6 or an iPhone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2015hi guys share your opinion about marshmallow on nexus 5.it runs super smoothly!!!!!!!!!! i love it

  • p d m

C I can not access 4g network

  • Abba

Can't open my phone.. Nexus 5 HELP!!!

  • bob

Quadrant benchark score on my nexus 5 12464

  • Anonymous

hi guys share your opinion about marshmallow on nexus 5.

  • rkg

pranaykhatwani, 16 Nov 2014Obviously nexus 5My nexus 5 was just wondering shows a blank screen.Inspite of all efforts I could not open the screen. As on reviews I long pressed both the switches( buttons).It worked well. Now my phone is working well.Thanks to review.

  • Jing

Why can't I access Google? Gmail, playstore??? I can't open it. What should be the problem. Please help.

  • Anonymous

What if you accidentally drop it water of.sanitier it still work?

  • rakib

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2014Nexus 5 or note 3 neo which one should I buy?note 3 best mobile i ever see.now i m using nexus 5.its really good but the quality of a sound to damn low.about this this nexus 5 is just awasum....nd about note what say may b world best samsung mobile i see. i use it and thats really good.

  • mohan

Call recorder app is not supported to nexus 5

  • Anonymous

While trying to add anniversary as a field in a contact, it also asks for year , unlike birthday field where it does not

  • jigar

AnonD-255959, 26 Sep 2014Here's my unbiased analysis after 6 months usage: Snappi... moreG3 beat or nexus 5 ???

  • piyush

Nexus 5 is just a good gadget not a mobile... .. Totaly money waste.. From day one it has a problem of outgoing voice .. Regarding for that service centre replace the mike of handset but thats not working.. I m trying to cell the nexus on olx .. Not at all a handset as its first major important function of calling is realy not good..

  • pranaykhatwani

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2014Nexus 5 or note 3 neo which one should I buy?Obviously nexus 5

  • Anonymous

NEXUS 5 is so strong beast with very good price!!!