Nokia Lumia 1520 preview: Second encounter

15 November 2013
Lagging behind Android in hardware specs for what seemed like ages, WP8 managed to catch up in one fell swoop. With the Lumia 1520 at the spearhead, Nokia evened the playing field with a massive 1080p screen and a Snapdragon 800 chipset, then tilted it...

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  • udbhav_garg

I have been using Lumia phones from the very starting the very original Lumia 800 to Lumia 1520, and in between. I have also,used android phones like note 3. I personally feel that interms of performance Lumia are way ahead of Android phones and the features sometimes"

  • yow

Why dont they change their OS? Its actually the os keeping them down from the competition. Windows 8.1 is so boring/annoying especially in the app drawer when scrolling down and up to look for the app. Windowsstore still lagging behind. Doesnt have a lot of customization and split screens. I really like the hard ware design though.

  • mewwww

Pls,in ur next update,try to make it double or triple SIM..And ensure that u put, in place,all other things that need to be improved on...Nokia is always the best

  • Pat

I've had it for a couple of months now and absolutely love it! The only thing is if you get one install Outlook first - if you create your email account and then want to install Outlook afterwards, you have to go right back to the beginning and reload your apps etc all over again - at least this is what I read in a Help site; please let me know if that's wrong.

It would be great if Nokia could offer an Android version of the 1520 with the new Snap dragon 805 processor, 4K screen and enable it to also record and playback in 4K.

Great in a vacuum but not enough to fight in the real world.

iOS and Android (HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony, Google, etc.) will continue to improve and with massive revenues from their respective market shares, will be difficult to surpass in the near future. These are not cheap brands, but major electronics giants. Some of them even have both Android and Windows.... but clearly earn profit only from Android (losing money on Windows).

  • AnonD-109733

Look good. But too late

  • Anonymous

AnonD-212323, 15 Dec 2013Nokia lumia 1520 is great phone. I cant believe nokia phone... moreNo technology in the world is perfect. Nor does Android have excessive issues. All fanboy crap.

  • AnonD-212323

Nokia lumia 1520 is great phone. I cant believe nokia phone so smooth and never hang like android. I like it so much

  • ex-nokiaman

Got this phone yesterday and all I can say is that it is an awesome phone . Great work Nokia keep it up.

  • jyoti ranjan

The massive is coming soon wait for wp8 andthe new generation of 4g

  • Anonymous

I'll by it u sure

  • matin

god of phone . Lumia 1520

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Dec 2013F**ing can't believe it! Shooting in RAW on a phone! This t... moreRight? It's a beast.

  • Anonymous

F**ing can't believe it! Shooting in RAW on a phone! This thing's mine!

  • Anonymous

nash, 01 Dec 2013Hii!!! I owned Lumia not fan of wp8 , but I like nok... moreThe S3 never hung or lagged all the time when I used it. There was a small hiccup every once in a while, but I have faced hiccups on all devices. WP and IOS included because there is no such thing as perfect technology.

The call connecting thing I faced a couple times because of signal...Which also happened to me on any phone I used in places where signal is weaker.

I think WP is pretty smooth and ok...But it's not perfect..And Android is not as smooth in the sense that wp is only a little bit smoother. Not by miles. Even on my old cortex a5 chip Jelly Bean runs pretty good. But in return Android offers mountains more functions and customizing...While being nearly as silky smooth most the time...

I also had a friend that had a more glitchy S3. I also had friends that had smooth iphones and some with very very very glitchy ones. Mine was always a little buggy.

  • alqadry

AnonD-208804, 22 Nov 2013wp8 user interface is horrible..nd tht internet e... more1020

  • nash

AnonD-109818, 18 Nov 2013i dont understand why people are ranting about apps and smo... moreHii!!! I owned Lumia not fan of wp8 , but I like nokia phones ..
previously I owned S3 its display is nice ,at starting the phone works great but after I installed several app and games , my S3 started lagging , and hanging several times ,it have several problems , whenever I try to cal somebody,when I click to cal it takes me 1 min to connect cal to the person.
so after this experience, I had purchase Lumia phone it so smooth and even my 32gb sd almost full and internal memory have only 500 MB free space . My phone wont hang and laggs .. Jst one's it lagged but I had never faced any prblm at all..
yes in the start use this OS it I find some different but now Im happy with it.
I know it dnt have file manager and what app dnt have option to share videos and less games ..
but I find it sufficient for my need ,and one point is WP8 is growing very fast.

  • human

Waiting for the review

  • AnonD-206466

John, 22 Nov 2013I agree with you, Pathum1, I sighed too whenever there is s... moreis lumia 1520 got hdmi cable connection to tv? like samsung have tv out which help to watch mobile content on tv. i need this function