Motorola Moto G review: Little big G

11 December 2013
Having spent the best part of two years cleaning the Motorola pipeline of products conceived before the takeover, Google finally has a shop with its name on it. And it’s not afraid to use it to challenge some of the old habits and experienced players...

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  • Nathbhaskarchandra
  • rK5
  • 17 May 2023

Thabz, 24 Sep 2021Been using this phone since 2013, and its taken so many fal... moreIf available, i want this.

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    • Thabz
    • f0N
    • 24 Sep 2021

    Been using this phone since 2013, and its taken so many falls but still functions. What i can say is it is better than today's bezel less midrange phones. The phone is only starting to fail now after so many years

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      • Anonymous
      • X}M
      • 30 Mar 2021

      pradz4u, 19 Jul 2019I know i'm late but its worth knowing about this beauty. Go... moreI wish they would allow us to see the full comments of others....otherwise this is no help at all but actually distancing us.

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        • pradz4u
        • 7tV
        • 19 Jul 2019

        I know i'm late but its worth knowing about this beauty. Got this mobile Feb 2014 and till date camera in this range is pretty good.
        After so many years of usage now my MOTO G started giving up :(
        For all this year i maintained the mobile in good conditions:
        According to few blogs/post I used to restart my mobile every 2 days once.
        had installed automatic ram cleaner .
        I've used mobile moderately in playing games,watching videos,online movies and others.
        Always charged the mobile to 100 percent, in the past it gave 2 days backup, now it gives me hardly 1 day of battery backup.
        In this 6 yrs i upgraded only once to Android version 5.1 after that i never bother to upgrade. coz the 1st os which comes along with the mobile is always the best.

        overall i loved this phone very much, now after reviewing many sets in the market gone ahead with NOKIA . I love you MOTO G, thank you very much Motorola.

          This mobile has compatibility issues with many speakers e.g. if you connect the mobile with Sennheiser SP20 ML with 3.5 mm jack then you won't get audio on speaker. Reported this issue to Motorola but they are not interested to fix this issue. Note: The issue is with most of the Motorola mobiles because same speaker is working fine with all other mobiles (tested with Samsung, Huawei, Honor, Mi and iPhone)

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            • AnonD-734425
            • dWf
            • 01 Feb 2018

            Sorry for my inglish. I have this phone almost 4 year, it works perfect! We need moor megapixels an moor mhiliamper in this body it wold be best smartphone and moto g is best, its unberakable phone))

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              • AnonD-707096
              • 7P4
              • 10 Oct 2017

              I bought last week Moto G5. But the battery drain very fast. Not even works for 16 hours. Very bad battery quality.

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                • Raju
                • 7P4
                • 10 Oct 2017

                I bought Moto G5 last week but the battery drain very fast. It will not last upto even 24 hours. Battery is very bad.

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                  • J kista Reddy
                  • 7t@
                  • 06 Sep 2017

                  Phone alway,s shows storage space running out some system functipns not working

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                    • narendra
                    • X0M
                    • 27 Apr 2017

                    i bought my moto g from my brother he just used it for 3 months i tought it is also a good smart phone but it was a unnessary product with in use of 15 min`s it was getting over heat but when i used it for 2 hours it`s damaged screen was not working at there are no service centers . other cell centers said that the combo has gone to repair it gets 2000 such a vast product it was gets damage with in 4 monthes

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                      • Kkc
                      • ypd
                      • 21 Jan 2017

                      Iam using motog3.main problem is that,i can't even attend a call for atleast 5minutes due to heavy is really hot and feels dangerous.gorilla glass has many scratches that is contradictory to the company's argue

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                        • dyanesh patil
                        • XSc
                        • 11 Jan 2017

                        i have use me Moto G4 plus 32GB device issue in host image , call time off , charg time device heated & bad device an bad sevices in company

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 4jD
                          • 26 Oct 2016

                          i have trouble text out put have message come in

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                            • Venkat
                            • Tmf
                            • 24 Sep 2016

                            Lot of problems.. internet operation very bad comparing other mobile..service center worst..touch screen not operate properly many times..

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                              • BJMKLM
                              • 420
                              • 29 Jun 2016

                              I know I have a Moto G 1st generation. How do I find out the version number, and can this phone be used with an International SIM card in Europe?

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                                • Channu
                                • 7wA
                                • 21 Mar 2016

                                I have using last 2 years Motorola XT1033 model not face major issues, But nowadays when we using internet again and again unwanted app suddenly open in play store. Its haritating please give me solution above problem.

                                  • b
                                  • bhupender negi
                                  • Hkt
                                  • 12 Mar 2016

                                  Amazon and Motorola companies making a fool, both companies products quality are zero, they don't understand customers feeling, after sale they don't care of customers

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                                    • bhupender negi
                                    • Hkt
                                    • 12 Mar 2016

                                    Motorola company is fake products quality is fake, customer satisfaction zero
                                    No escalation matrix
                                    No feedback call
                                    No mail address
                                    Mobile phone quality is zero
                                    Heating issue
                                    Battery issues
                                    Display issue
                                    No battery back up
                                    Pathetic customer support

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                                      • bhupender negi
                                      • Hkt
                                      • 11 Mar 2016

                                      I purchased a Motorola mobile phone from amazon, within three months mobile was not working, that means products was not good, from jan 2016 to till March 2016, Motorola could not be resolved my problem, fake products quality, useless customer service,

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                                        • moto g
                                        • HjY
                                        • 20 Feb 2016

                                        Shashi, 25 Aug 2015Yes 3G works on this mobile3g