Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. Nokia Lumia 1520: Bigger, better, faster

27 December 2013
We venture again into the realm of phablets, one that at the beginning seemed to promise little more than a short burst of action, has become the scene of some of the most thrilling battles this industry has seen. The showdown we’re about to witness...

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  • AnonD-399185

AnonD-397, 31 Dec 2013You say "who need 4k video, not me"... and I must tell... moreThere is no fact supporting that. Get over it.

  • AnonD-406649

Rod, 05 Oct 2014It's display is topnotch huh? What? Lets see though if it can ma... morecompletely agree with u

  • AnonD-406649

I think u made this comparison unfairly , You just love samsung and no more .
I used both phones and excuse me , a big difference between the lagging time consuming android phone" even in opening programs " and the superior windows phone.
In the note3 I have to close active programs , clearing the ram every time i try to run any heavy resource consuming program.

i think , to have an android phone that can compete the 1520 lumia , You must have a 6gb ram .

completely unfair comparison .

  • AnonD-314301

Anonymous, 06 May 2014The probably really comes down to APPS. and the Windows app st... moreHey Bro,
Everybody buys a Phone for Calling and Messaging
If you wanna use apps Buy a Tab!
Wanna play games,Huh?... Buy a PC for God's Sake!
and about the phone...
Numbers doesn't tell the Story... User Experience Tells the Story!In the Case of User experience, iPhones and Lumias Rule!
If numbers mean to You... Compare it with ASUS Zenfone 2!

  • Sina

sam t, 28 Dec 2014Yesterday I was at a TV store looking for a Miracast TV. The sal... moreOkey sir,you have the best!I take 1520 soon!

  • Anon

See... Everyone has their own opinions and choices. U just can't say that lumia is better or note.. For me I think windows has very less apps compared to android. I really like note 3 but yeah I agree on one thing that Samsung phones hang too much and it has pathetic battery life. Lumia 1520 is a very good phone but for me note 3 is better!

  • sam t

Yesterday I was at a TV store looking for a Miracast TV. The salesman came and demo with his Galaxy S5. He ask me what phone I use, I said Nokia Lumia. He said no chance, Lumia not good enough.

So I just take it my 1520 and project to his TV. He said wow yours is faster than mine because it was obviously smoother. I said it is the best high end Lumia.

He almost could not close his mouth.

Guys Miracast works well on your 1520!

  • Anonymous

I totally agree with a previous
comment. Although I must say that Lumia
520 has many websites freez or having graphic issues,
I haven't seen such problem with Lumia 1520 when browsing the same sites.

Furthermore, the performance of 520
is still far superior than of any cheap android phone.
Other than that, Lumia 520 has all other
benefits that expensive 1520 has and that a previous comment mentioned.

  • Mike

I don't understand at all
how NOTE 3 is better than Nokia 1520?
People: please try both phones for a week
and you will see that:

NOKIA 1520 has:
~Superiour Keyboard (Microsfotst's one)
~Superior text auto correction
~Superior scrolling (smooth and lag free)
~Faster browswer
~Superious dispay (IPS LCD is more natural and brighter than AMOLED)
~Overall more organized and mature User Interface

~Better themes
~Better phone menu (but not overall interface)
~Better wall papers


  • Prasanna

Use nokia and feel the magic

  • raghav

I have 3 android devices. But after using 1520, I feel this is one of the best fines. Amazing picture quality and sound. Premium build quality. And it has all the apps I need and did not see it hang anytime. Good job nokia

  • Rod

Anonymous, 18 May 2014Colors is preference. Many people like the look and feel of th... moreIt's display is topnotch huh? What? Lets see though if it can maintain it's "topnotch" display under the direct sunlight??? If you compared it to NOKIA LUMIA 1520, the Nokia has the best screen overall including sunlight readability. All Nokia Lumia users, you know what I am saying...
Build quality, screen, phone OS. Nokia is the REAL WINNER here.PERIOD.

  • AnonD-88838

I have two friends with Note 3s, I have an s4 now but awaiting my lumia 1520, I can show u a fact I had a lumia 920 and every Game that's on both platform the windows version has better graphics. One example angry Birds Go.


i like this phone because is powerful one it will cost what

  • Perez

I bought a samsung note 3, at the lowest fall the screen cracked, met the customer care unit for repairs, they refused, they told me it was not registered at the point of purchase. I produced evidence of purchase, I even bought the phone from Samsung accredited dealers, still Samsung refused to honuor my warrant on the screen.
I abandoned the phone, and bought a Lumia 1520, upgraded the os to 8.1, now I am enjoying my life.
Samsung is full of gimmick:
1. They say it is gorilla glass, it is not, any fall of any Samsung device will leave a crack.
2. They say you have a two years warranty, if your screen cracks, they will look for intelligent ways to dishonour your promised warranty.
3. It is made of cheap plastic materials, it does not feel premium. Try holding it side by side with any Lumia, you'll know what I'm saying.
4. The three gig ram they claim to be on the device has never been three, you can only have access to only about 35% (1050 gig) of the promised ram.
5. Try multi-tasking, the phone becomes hot, hangs, and in some cases it restarts all by it self. if you want to enjoy the phone (that is if there is any) pls don't multi-task, it is just gimmick.

  • Aqibone

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2014It's close to ios performance? So it crashes a lot and still han... moreI don't think you use Note 3 till now, otherwise you won't have commented they way you did. And by any chance you have used it, I am sure you used it for doodling, watching videos and surfing webs. Because if you try to use Note 3 for what it has been advertised you will understand the pain. For example multi window, what is the use of multi window when your keyboard completely hides one of them and you can't even see what is under the keyboard. These are all gimmicks bro.

Despite of a top hardware specs on Note 3, it still crashes, stutters, and lags. More often than not a message will pop up "sorry ABC App stop working or responding". You will never get this from Windows Phone. Try it before you say anything.

  • Anonymous

Aqibone, 29 Jun 2014Note held advantage in the eyes of GSMARENA Arena only. I am usi... moreIt's close to ios performance? So it crashes a lot and still hangs at times. Got you.

  • Perez

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2014"Bro, lumia does hang." You are exactly right. Than... more"lumia does hang" is a typographical error. What I meant to say is: Lumia does not hang.
Do not find comfort in typographical errors, only find it in reality. Window phone is rock solid and stable.

  • Perez

Anonymous, 06 May 2014The probably really comes down to APPS. and the Windows app st... moreWhat do you do with a phablet or a tablet? Is to play game? I dont think so. It is a business tool, it is not a toy you play with. If you really need to play games there are plenty of hand-held game consoles out there. My main concern is that note 3 don't quite perform as a phablet, it can not take me to the desktop of yahoo mail, but all lumia can, and many other web sites can only be viewed in their mobile sites while using note 3, meanwhile any lumia can take you to all desktop of any web site. As a phablet L1520 is highly prefered by me.

  • Perez

Anonymous, 01 May 2014In all fairness you are comparing a device which ones on an OS t... moreBro, don't be carried away with the specs you find in android phone, they are more like gimmick. Window phones offer true specs.