Nokia Lumia 1320 and 525 hands-on: First look

9 January 2014
Nokia held its own event on the fringe of CES - no new devices were revealed but the Finns showed the Lumia 1320 and Lumia 525 to the press and public. There's a lot riding on those devices, even though...

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  • Shani

Best phone

  • kk

Have been using Lumia 525 for over 8 months now. Upgraded to W8.1 over wi-fi (takes about 45 mins at 1 gbps). Have had to reboot only twice during use so opposed to multiple times in my earlier Android. Smooth interface, clean screen. Incoming audio not something to talk about (maybe because I dropped my phone twice). 1GB RAM makes surfing and apps a pleasant experience. On the whole, certainly better than Android.

  • kk

AnonD-23532, 31 May 2014Can maps be used without the internet? ON Lumia 525Yes. Download the maps in your phone.....takes up about 1GB.

  • omy

The nokia lumia 525 is a very smart phone as well as samsung galaxy phone but the Nokia built in quality is very good. these mobile a 1 gb ram is so fast and pretty phone in other mobile so fast.this mobile are battery life is good and comfortable than samsung mobile.Nokia lumia 525 are the internet surfing and downloading are the very fast than any other android mobile.Nokia coming a wp phone so as super cool smart of luck my nokia lumia user.

  • AnonD-288231

Nokia 525 is bst phone not hang fast phone i luv u .... vry high speed internet....


I like nokia lumia most than any android . I have nokia lumia 525 , this is a cool hanset iloved this most grt mobile by nokia i thank nokia for ths

  • peepu

I'm also using 525 smart phon, this one is very smrter, better and faster. User friendly. Always better than Sony, Samsung. I thank to nokia.

  • habil

AnonD-124721, 11 Jan 2014This Subsidiary of Microsoft (Nokia) will do well in 2014 a... moreNokia always offers well built phones. Except the battery is not that lasting though battery is better than Samsung or micromax. No lag best camera under 10k everything is just awesome

  • AnonD-23532

Can maps be used without the internet? ON Lumia 525

  • Dyan

How's the battery life?? (with and without data)

  • Anonymous

lumia 525=dream come true (^-^)

  • tamal007

Lumia 525 s superb, just one word,, its superb............

  • manjeet jangra

Nokia 525 -- it's not good because no flash light,and no hindi language spot.

  • manjeet jangra

It's not good because, no flash light and no Hindi language spot.

  • sid

Nokia Lumia 525a good phone as it has a internal 8 gb iits very good todays date is 2 Feb and I have brought,it yesterday and everyone says tht,windows,is very hard to use bt it is very easy and cool phone I liked,it very much its anytime better than android

  • AnonD-227255

Right now am using Lumia 520, features of 525 is unbelievable and extremely high on such low price. If I would get a chance to exchange my 520 with 525 which will never happen,I would grab it !!!

  • AnonD-140405

Both are surprising amazing device

  • AnonD-134497

AnonD-214682, 11 Jan 2014Why don't you just stop advertising wp or bashing android. ... moreWhy don't you stop advertising Android in Windows Phone articles and stop bashing Windows Phone? You got any personal problems?

  • Lemiv

I hope MS will release WP9 soon, and remove JIT limitation, so I can play emulators with native speed.

  • AnonD-124721

This Subsidiary of Microsoft (Nokia) will do well in 2014 and beyond. Before they will retire the Nokia brand in the medium term. Microsoft will call their phones 10 years from now as "The New Microsoft Nokia 5“. It is like "The New Apple Iphone 5".