Oppo N1 CyanogenMod edition review: Pure mind

14 January 2014
Trying out new things is in Oppo's DNA. The Find 5 was a clue, the N1 is the hard evidence, that the up and coming Chinese maker will never miss an opportunity to surprise and try to amaze. You know who...

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  • Anonymous

Does oclick remote in the package? I don't have it,,,Damn!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • AnonD-265729

In 6 months, cyanogen did not issue a single version update, nor real support for the unique hardware. CM does not even support the N1 with its installer.
Be careful when you buy cyanogen. They are not as committed or as reliable as the historic community project they share the name with. On the other hand, unlike any other commercial company taking 600$ for its branded product, they have no support of any sort. Oppo did a great job, but cyanogen is a great flop


I am happy and thankful for such devices who sets the bench mark in both ways software and hardware and help custumers in building faith og value of money.

  • Dinesh

Undoubtedly the best uniquely designed phone. Would love to test it and give reviews. But my only concern is the pricing. But it's too soon to jump to a conclusion. Lets hope it's another great piece of technology.

  • fen

No sd, no replaceable batt = preplanned obsolecence = no dice.

  • ichigo31

enough with processing power, software development, megapixel-race, we want more juice and faster battery charging technology now!!!

  • Anonymous

Already see this china tech power coming. Since i play front mission 1 in PSX.

  • Andy

Definitely worth to buy, much bettter then my old htc one

  • AnonD-168288

It's always been like this. OEM OS is always better than stock AOSP. It's down to specific optimizations that the OEM can task themselves to do.

  • AnonD-174570

In earlier phones, you would get unrivaled Battery Life and Performance if you chose CM/AOSP ROM instead of Manufactures software.

However, in current scenario though performance is still top notch, but battery life is taking a beating. I don't why its happening. I never imagined this to happen on first official CM phone. 20h of endurance rating loss is big IMO. Its the same scenario with GPE S4 also.

  • Anonymous

i would despair if i had to go from my touchwiz to cyanogenmod... i tried cyan for about 3 weeks before updating my note 2 to 4.3. It was a very bad experience. This is like that but permanent lol

  • Anonymous

Stereo crosstalk when headphones attached: -55.5, is very bad, almost no stereo at all!

  • AnonD-14560

I would buy it today but I don't like the Oppo's logo. It just looks ugly.

  • MoFo

CyanogenMod is going to start ignoring mid-range devices just like the OEMs. I used to like them but now they only cater to flagships and the others get the Nightlies....bugs and all.

  • Anonymous

Note 3.... still the king of phones and phablets! :-)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-121521, 14 Jan 2014htc did have some talks about a cyan phone. perhaps the ne... moreThe best thing about this phone IS the operating system being Android.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-121521, 14 Jan 2014htc did have some talks about a cyan phone. perhaps the ne... moreAndroid is cool man!

  • AnonD-121521

htc did have some talks about a cyan phone.
perhaps the next mod will be better.
and the real problem is,its still bloody android at the end.

  • AnonD-151727