Alcatel One Touch Hero review: Compare notes

17 January 2014
Alcatel found a new life with Android and has continuously improved its offerings over time. The One Touch Hero is one of the latest – a 6" phablet that throws down a price challenge to the Galaxy Note 3, with a rich...

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  • Dan Ogwankwa

Im looking for the LCD Display for this phone and i can't anywhere. Any leads where i can get the 6" 16M-color 1080p IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen. Please help

  • Anonymous

im not able to capture screen shot in my alcatel one touch hero 2 . how will i make can anyone pls advice. thnx in advance.

  • md Riad Riza

Morshed, 27 Dec 2015Did you perform a factory reset after os upgrade? It's esse... moreAlcaeel one touch star6010D

Alex, 11 May 2015I have some issue with my new Alcatel one touch hero 8020D.... moreDid you perform a factory reset after os upgrade? It's essential. Is the software build no 1004 now?

  • AnonD-172013

I have this phone one month phone looks solid cheap plastic only problem, but i have big problem lately before couple days I could not turn on my phone, when I finaly turn it on after couple hours, i reset phone on factory setings and phone start to work fine, but again yesterday all crash now i cant turn on my phone i cant do hard reset only black screen probably some factory problems in phone today i take it in my service to see what is wrong

  • Alex

I have some issue with my new Alcatel one touch hero 8020D. My mobile phone doesn't respond when i pushed on/off button MORE than 2 times continuously. I should wait some 10 to 20 seconds for mobile phone to turn on.
I have Upgraded my Alcatel 8020D by ALCATEL Mobile Upgrade S 4.2.6 in order to solve this problem. After upgrading the mobile phone crashes all the time. If I push the on/off button MORE than 2 times (ex. 3 times) continuously then the mobile phone will crash. In this case i have to wait minimum 20 to 30 seconds for mobile phone to respond.
Alcatel One Touch Hero 8020D have some software problem and need to be solved by updating. This phone also have some issue with 3G data network connection and some parts of touchscreen doesn't respond.

  • Ben ooi

AnonD-227064, 24 Jan 2014I'm using this device...and I feel this is great idea to ha... moreMy alcatel hero has network issue while plug in headset and driving. The recepion at that time worst..... always mis connected.... too bad

  • Ben ooi

Just wondering the screen can be scratch?as I felt the stylus pen not sensitive after put on screen protector...any one know the screen of Alcatel OTC is unscartchable??i thinking to remove the screen protector...

  • Anonymous

This is ONE AND ONLY handset with 6 inch screen, 1080p resolution (high pixel density), built-in stylus AND dual sim. There are NO COMPETITION. It is not a phone do everything at best. None can do. It's strength really, is the offer of dual sim model with a very nice bonus. If you are in a market for a high end dual sim phone, who has to carry two phones all the time and requires high pixel density, Alcatel is bringing you one when no one else bothers.

  • nosy parkar

The phablet Alcatel OTH has good specs, but the competitors are offering faster processor and LTE, so unless the Alcatel device is moderately priced it has little chance against the competition considering the folks buying such exclusive devices are very tech savvy. LTE is becoming available in most markets in the world.

  • AnonD-227064

I'm using this device...and I feel this is great idea to have put together a basic phone with the smart device" it helps a me a lot. And it has a excellent looks with magnet flip cover...but still struggling with one thing, that is Network. Don't know why this is happening...other than that I'm satisfied with the product and price too.

Anonymous, 20 Jan 20142014, the year of (mid-range) phablets?Maybe, Nokia with the Lumia 1320, Sony Xperia T2, Huawei has a cheaper phablet, this Alcatel...

  • AnonD-124528

Draco, 21 Jan 2014What does it mean, 13MP cannot par with another ? Does it l... moreI think maybe its look like 5mp...

  • AnonD-124528

Pearl., 18 Jan 2014Im Using Note2, its very good to use, multitasking and inno... moreToday we used power bank to replace removable batteries...whats the point of removable battery phone when we have that option...and you choose samsung just for the removable battery...?? Haha

  • Draco

What does it mean, 13MP cannot par with another ? Does it look like 8MP ?

  • sams

the reality, 20 Jan 2014all the manufacturers always make a gadget with atleast one... moreYeah,i agree with you

  • deep

The device looks interesting but the UI lag and stills and video quality are off-putting.

  • Anonymous

2014, the year of (mid-range) phablets?

  • willstay

"it can handle multiple POP or IMAP inboxes".. what happened to Exchange ActiveSync?? Without that, it is no use for me.

  • Vala

non removable battery is no longer a con.