Sony Xperia Z1 Compact review: Mini gone big

28 January 2014
Sony is the first to deliver a smartphone, which wouldn’t let size get in the way of performance or screen quality. It’s no accident that it’s called the Compact version of Xperia Z1 rather than a mini...

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  • H
  • Hani
  • HI{
  • 07 Apr 2020

Its been 4 years that I have Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and never failed me. only 2 times I changed the battery and I can open heavy files with it easily. I Love it, it is a loyal phone :_)

    • n
    • norber
    • Bw@
    • 17 Aug 2017

    Great 4g enabled phone
    Only mediocre battery life
    Sorry sony but galaxy s3 took far better pics...

      • K
      • Khalid
      • 8n}
      • 19 Jan 2017

      How can I prepare battery for Z1 compact ??
      Or how can I get new one

        • a
        • ane
        • rAf
        • 02 Jun 2016

        I'm going to second it good??

          • D
          • AnonD-341631
          • wrs
          • 30 Sep 2015

          Himonshu Pathade , 04 Jul 2015Does not work properly in Lollipop Android. Never update to... moreLollipop 5.1.1 has Available
          better Ram Management & Battery Life
          Enjoy !!!

            • H
            • Himonshu Pathade
            • tUp
            • 04 Jul 2015

            Does not work properly in Lollipop Android. Never update to Lollipop . Battery 🔋 doesn't work properly .

              • F
              • Fritsie
              • PT}
              • 07 Mar 2015

              Great phone I love the performance

                • R
                • Roy
                • KiT
                • 28 Dec 2014

                Z1 Compact & Z3 Compact is the best Android in "normal size"

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • Rxn
                  • 24 Dec 2014

                  Camera wise it an awesome feat for Sony,

                  Been using their phones since SE K800 to this day as z1c

                  What I am longing now is a xenon flash on their smartphones..

                    • D
                    • AnonD-327776
                    • gLB
                    • 05 Nov 2014

                    Very poor camera performance in Auto Mode!!! My former HTC One Mini made much better shots and videos in Auto Mode without exaggeration. Just see other members comments. Pitty for Sony!

                      • D
                      • AnonD-321148
                      • rsx
                      • 18 Oct 2014

                      I love the professionalism of your reviews.
                      This is by all means an excellent phone and you just proofed it.

                        • p
                        • philter
                        • pxE
                        • 23 Sep 2014

                        The camera is very good, and the hardware is capable of filming at 120fps and full 4k video. That's unreal for a phone! I've tried and it works like a dream.

                          • T
                          • Taka
                          • vGt
                          • 02 Sep 2014

                          Guys How do u change the Date settings in Album ? My Pictures are getting stored in the wrong folder dates...The Pics i take today are stored in a folder named May 1997 even if my time and date settings are just fine...Please Help me

                          Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

                            • D
                            • AnonD-288834
                            • t}A
                            • 20 Aug 2014

                            ghenceaRO, 10 Aug 2014See the Samsung S4 mini camera how works, just compare the ... moreSamsung camera can never be better than sony forget mini even S5 is much lower compared for Z1 compact and thats the reason to switch from away from plastic phones of samsung

                              • g
                              • ghenceaRO
                              • sp7
                              • 10 Aug 2014

                              See the Samsung S4 mini camera how works, just compare the videos. And then you have the answer why Sony is not even close to the top5 guys. But the price is above Samsung so practically I pay more for less.

                                • D
                                • AnonD-250158
                                • UD%
                                • 02 Aug 2014

                                Still the best mini...

                                  • K
                                  • Kurt Nicobain
                                  • t7X
                                  • 05 Jul 2014

                                  dott, 12 Mar 2014My z1 compact's battery doesn't last, please what do I do?The perfect smartphone for me. Future of the smartphones..

                                    • D
                                    • AnonD-212284
                                    • v0q
                                    • 19 Jun 2014

                                    I hope the price woukd drop in a frw months cos right now this is a damn expensive phone. Same price with the G2 and S4 or maybe higher. I never liked sony cos of its UI but I don't know this phone is quite a beast.

                                      • A
                                      • Andrew
                                      • 9JE
                                      • 30 May 2014

                                      john , 12 May 2014I m facing this charging problem You can get magnetic charger cable, it pops onto the little port on the side. Either 3rd-party ones for $2-5 or Sony-branded for a little more. Although all three of my 3rd-party ones have stopped charging after a few weeks. I did buy the cheapest ones around, though..

                                        • j
                                        • john
                                        • uv6
                                        • 12 May 2014

                                        hkboy, 26 Apr 2014z1c is good fast performance. Sharp screen, camarea excell... moreI m facing this charging problem