Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo review: Neoclassic

31 January 2014
Three generations on, the Notes are gadgets that people can’t seem to get enough of so a new, less expensive, version must be good news for everyone. Well, except perhaps the Note II. Anyway, what was rumored as a Lite version of the Galaxy Note 3...

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  • Anonymous
  • F0G
  • 04 Apr 2024

Beakal Tsegaye , 21 Nov 2020I have a problem with a battery. Any solution for my mobil... moreI have missed this phone it's the best phone I ever had so far.
Please advise how I can find it again

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    • Anonymous
    • N3D
    • 10 Feb 2023

    Jibinchry, 22 Jun 2015I used to connect my note 3 neo phone to my tv (sony bravia... moreGosh that phone 📱 Black Friday deals on wheels

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      • bob
      • M0$
      • 25 Oct 2021

      ganpat, 10 Sep 2018my note3 neo working properly but in 4 hr battery down &... morenice mate

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        • Beakal Tsegaye
        • NgR
        • 21 Nov 2020

        I have a problem with a battery.
        Any solution for my mobile to update the battery ?
        I don't remember how many times it failed from my desk.

          • H
          • Hari
          • f}Y
          • 30 Aug 2020

          Must mobile .
          I purchased October 2014 and now original mobile.
          Bestttttt mobile

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            • ganpat
            • g3H
            • 10 Sep 2018

            my note3 neo working properly but in 4 hr battery down & in 35% battery it is hang then i can't receive the call also
            please give me suggestion for that otherwise i trow it in kachra & by other fone

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              • Mzimasi
              • fjT
              • 07 Sep 2018

              My Samsung note 3, those not. I switch it on n the screen start to move up like an end of a move n when u touch it for accessibility function it runs. What is the problem or how to solve it.

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                • Anonymous
                • sSx
                • 09 Mar 2018

                My mobile screen isn't working and this mobile is very slow

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                  • Osman hassan
                  • gwv
                  • 20 Nov 2017

                  My back bottom in note 3 is not Woking
                  I would like the reason &who's to solve this problrm

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                    • zihan khan
                    • U@9
                    • 26 Nov 2016

                    Samsung galaxy note3 neo is a good phone

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                      • AnonD-578384
                      • XNN
                      • 30 Aug 2016

                      Sir i have samsung galaxy note 3 neo since last one year. It has a problem that its camera both front and rare is not working . When i turned on the rare camera it shows camera failed or black when i turn to front camera same prob here.power off camera and switch on again rare camera will start one time and again screen black .any solution please suggest me . Thank u

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                        • AnonD-504756
                        • uNV
                        • 20 Feb 2016

                        It's worth buying phone.I am using it for one yr n still it's good .recently upgraded with lollipop n now it's better then ever.super's an all rounder set with economy price.

                          • C
                          • Chirag
                          • XNS
                          • 17 Feb 2016

                          help me guysss

                          After unrooting its shows kernel is not seadroid enforcing how to fix it...

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                            • AnonD-496216
                            • i8w
                            • 02 Feb 2016

                            I am fade up with Samsung smart phone Samsung Neo would be my last phone.

                            Always dropping wifi signal and showing IP obtaining address and just showing connecting but in fact not getting connect.

                            is there any solution please on this how i can get rid from this issue.


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                              • Note 3 Neo 3G SM-N7
                              • rJe
                              • 31 Dec 2015

                              Will 4G work? ???

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                                • AnonD-458635
                                • 7q9
                                • 23 Oct 2015

                                I got this devive and it worked fine till i updated it on april or may. After updating the device started getting overheated and battery drauned pretty faster and this got worse after security updates on june. Is the same problem on other samsung note 3 neo.
                                Please tell me a solution for this.
                                Thank you! !

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                                  • himu
                                  • rA%
                                  • 03 Oct 2015

                                  I am on my way to buy note 3 neo in next month but after checking comments of present time, I am very confused now.

                                  Is this a phone to buy for a business purpose?

                                  Please help me with your suggestions.

                                  My e-mail is

                                  Waiting for your reply.

                                  Thank you guys.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • YQ9
                                    • 20 Sep 2015

                                    does it have gorrila glass ?

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                                      • AnonD-127079
                                      • NRa
                                      • 07 Sep 2015

                                      open x-plore or file manager [root access]
                                      GoTo system/build.prop editing via a text editor
                                      Add the line :
                                      - wlan.wfd.hdcp = disable (remove space after)
                                      - save and reboot your device

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • PAX
                                        • 30 Jul 2015

                                        Problem is noted that even when the screen is active the light don't comes occasionally.
                                        The screen seems as dead,but every function goes on as it goes other time.

                                        What is the solution for it??
                                        I am having this problem since 5 days,what is the solution for it???