Nokia Lumia 1320 review: Playing by the book

03 February 2014
Large displays are all the rage these days and a phablet with the right price is strategically set to win big. Nokia certainly sees the Lumia 1320 this way, aware of the need of a capable midranger to stand next to the...

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  • Tony

I want deleted my outlooks photos and I can do it how will go

  • nadeem

Thanks have a problem with my phone , the call history didn't appear

  • laxman

Nokia and Microsoft has given the Lumia 1320 phone as office phone.
But it does not support pendrive connectivity via OTG cable.
This create difficulty to take files from phone to pen drive.
If it is possible then it will reduce more efforts in official work.
So make the changes needful and provide to customers using Lumia 1320.

  • Anonymous

To add songs to playlist.How to?

  • Anonymous

I have been both,a Windows&Lumia fan over4yrs&Ispecifically bought the 1320,4months ago,for its size,&thought id be giving up the 8.1,for the Win Black,but almost right outa the box,it updated to 8.1&its performance was perfect, in all areas. It did another update,a month or so later,but since then,it stops workin,or"responding"&I have2close the page over&over,til I can finally finish whatever I was workin on&its really becoming an issue.Im going2look online4a fix or tips,2improve performance, but if nuthin helps, I may have2END my long term relationship

  • nani babu

i have a probleam nokia lumia 1320. when i charge in switched off suddenly it is on please give me the suggestion.

  • moyo

Which one better lumia 1320 and nokia xl

  • Eng. Bruce

awesome, mo value fo yo price with this fantastic phablet.

  • Rafik Shaikh

I like Nokia Lumia 1320

  • sherry

nice phone but i have a problem my phone charger both wire are touch to each other during charging and now my phone swtch off when i press power on botten just LED light flashing and phone remains off .Plz plz any body help me plz

  • karthik

Phone is full heat

  • Mo

Hi do u knw how to turn on navigation bar, light on lumia 1320 as i tried to find out in setting but cant find
Thank u

  • Anonymous

Sanju, 27 Sep 2014Mind blowing perfomance.... If you want dont waste your ti... moreYa good performance and long last for battery

  • Sanju

Mind blowing perfomance....
If you want dont waste your time ok..
Quickly purchase dis mobile

  • AnonD-309490

Using this phone 4 last 5 days...really impressive battery life compared to android...only cons is Windows phone app store which still lacks many important apps.

  • ashis kar

Nice phone

  • Rodger

Fantastic fon indeed

  • fizz

The word suits this mibile is awesome

  • clouds

I regret buying this phone, so aggravating that I can't install Tango on the dam phone. I hate it,
for real ,I do!!!!! Nokia I believe u can do better.

sahil tigga, 24 Aug 2014Please tell me that how is the display quality and is the b... moreThe display is good even though it hasn't the highest ppi. Good crisp colours and nice viewing angles.
The back covers are replaceable.