Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo review: Size me up

12 February 2014
Samsung's Grand lineup, in its short history, has been all about two things: screen size and dual SIM support on a shoestring budget. With screen real estate getting cheaper all the time, Grand phones are targeting fans of big screens who aren't...

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  • Alex

What is the output ampere of the original charger? How many amps can it be charged maximum?

  • Anonymous

Ok mobile

  • alex

Leo, 05 Feb 2017How can update my software from 4.4.4 to 5.0? Please someon... moreI have the same problem. I once tried but since this phone is from 2014, it doesn't accept more Android versions above 4.4

  • Leo

How can update my software from 4.4.4 to 5.0? Please someone helps mee!! I don't like anymore this android version.. if exist the thay to update it please let me know!

  • AnonD-632477

Seriously i see ppl complaining about nothing.what to expect when you gave 100 eu for a smartphone and want all the capabilities onf one wich costs 200 i'm not crazy when you all buyed it ya knew the limitations . i got one and nothing to say but i use it as a 100 eu phone and dont expect more from the device than what it can really do.

  • Jo set

maricar, 06 Jan 2017how to upgrade my samsung grand neo to kitkat version or ma... moreAlways logging

  • maricar

how to upgrade my samsung grand neo to kitkat version or marshmallow version thanks

  • Sharon

I have tried and read so much but have no idea how to change my contacts from simple card to device without deleting ando start over. Any thoughts.

  • Anonymous

My Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo plus camera failed (not working )

  • bonny

sem problem network gose and mobile hang 10 time in a day i remove the battry and start again .give me solution

  • Eteakamba

saurav, 02 Feb 2016how to update Android version ?Please Help Me With Solution, I've Master Reset My Phone Like Ten Times, Because Of Extremely Slow. Presently I Notice Whenever Sim Data Is Connected It Get Slow And It Get Hot At The Back, Not Battery. Everything All I Was Introduced To I've Tried Them Including Using CCleaner To Clean Still No Way.

  • agni tamang yonjan

why not live videos

  • suresh

Does this model support with 4g sim?

  • Satyabhan

My Samsung galaxy grand neo plus Android version 4.4.4GT190601.connection time Aug retry and slowly download problems please help me.

  • Webster

Hi.mine is not a comment but a question,I just want to know if this have got a BIS?

  • Raahi


  • george

why everybody had problem with network goes on and off...???lucky i ain't got no problem

  • Edward

I want to update my grand neo plus to 4.4.4 but after the update will it take more of my ram memory away..will it take more space or will my phone be slower? Im asking this coz if updated a device befor and it didnt end well

  • saurav

how to update Android version ?

  • Riyad

My some phone no missed any optipns to resolv this prblm