MWC 2014: Huawei MediaPad and Ascend hands-on

23 February 2014
Huawei has been a Top 3 smartphone maker two quarters in a row - and proud of it. The company is a leading 4G network equipment supplier and LTE connectivity is a prominent feature of the new devices Huawei brought to the MWC.

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  • Hamsyco
  • Nue
  • 13 May 2021

My G6 U10 does not on since last year. What can I do about it?

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    • Faith
    • X}6
    • 25 Mar 2015

    How I want to buy hauwei mediapad x1 in myanmar country?

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      • loret
      • fjS
      • 07 Sep 2014

      I have a huawei g 6 it's slim and very fast a must have for the new generstion

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        • Anonymous
        • p2L
        • 30 Mar 2014

        AnonD-98399, 25 Feb 2014First i have to thanks Huawei really listen to our voice wh... moreIf you wanna be heard, sent your comments to huawei with email instead of posti g here, thats first. Second, not most of us have 2 lines including one work line. Little of us have that.

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          • the_seba
          • mN}
          • 28 Feb 2014

          I can't wait for MediaPad's full review from GSMArena, it looks mighty interesting. Combined with a bluetooth handset, this can really be an all-rounder. Huawei devices don't really sell like hotcakes in my country, mainly because of a serious lack of proper sale channels, so I'm expecting a price drop after 2 months of availability.

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            • AnonD-98399
            • PTG
            • 25 Feb 2014

            First i have to thanks Huawei really listen to our voice when i always tab fan & i need a tab not wide than 100mm which simply easy hold by 1 palm. battery is excelent big enough.
            1) why no double sim card for this ultimate X1 ? most of us always have 1 company line & 1 private line.
            2)double 3G line switching also the main feature we need.
            3)actually big tab we also need a alternate small keypad at the right mid-bottom for making call. try it which easy to dial by thumb.
            4)when android will give us solid answer call button? i can't answer call during driving which this 100mm screen size when i was lost my BT.
            5)with this 100mm size , i think should design a extrude hold line at around 50mm from edge, depth should not less than 8mm. (its can work as camera protector as well, because when put on table , its uneven to surface) so girl or even me can simply hold the edge more firmly when i was use it read megazine or online by 1 hand only.

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              • DXB
              • nCc
              • 24 Feb 2014

              Huawei Media Pad X1 7.0


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                • Huawei Ascend
                • XMF
                • 23 Feb 2014

                Hey ,what about the Ascend P7 or Ascend D3 ????????????????

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                  • Anonymous
                  • uS{
                  • 23 Feb 2014

                  live without boundaries =lg optimus g. ad