Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 review: Double vision

07 March 2014
The Samsung Galaxy Grand was the big-screened Samsung phone for the masses last season - and one that conveniently offered an extra SIM slot. It didn't go as far as the Galaxy Mega pair, stopping instead at 5-inches sharp of screen diagonal...

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  • Karwanchi

I have had this phone for more than 4 years now.It's been a great companion for me all these time.I use it at my office, at home, or even sometimes I take it out doors when I go hiking.
The touch screen still is working fairly well.The only problem was the battery.It died out after two years. I haven't been able to find an original battery to replace it.Unfortunately I've replace it a couple of times. However, The Samsung is always fantastic.Next time, I'm gonna buy a Galaxy 10

  • madushanka

in my phone it only has a single sim...

  • Nawas

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2015Samsung grand 2 GT 7102 is very good phone but I it would h... moreIts not working notification lights

  • k.prasad

Kabeer, 25 Jan 2017My mobile is Samsung galaxy grand sm-g 7102 .I have no 4g s... morehai how to set the 4g option this phone is support to
4g ?

  • hanuman nain

My phone Samsung galaxy grand 2 GT 7102 convenience 3g to 4G yes ya no

  • Kabeer

My mobile is Samsung galaxy grand sm-g 7102 .I have no 4g settings only 3 options no lte settings How can I change?

  • Sumit kumar

How to use 4g LTE in samsung galaxy grand 2 G7102 ?????

  • AnonD-627287

I m using galaxy grand 2 wen I brought this mob they said this is 4G portable device. But it's not portable for 4G network. .

  • Manu

My Grand 2 Mobile is now Restarting(from2015 june) randomly day time/night time.
but phone is running in good condition,.(2014 Dec)

  • Naga boy

Mahesh patel , 05 Oct 2016Grand 2 4g sappoat? Yes definitely it supports 4g

  • Mahesh patel

Grand 2 4g sappoat?

  • Ashok Kumar

AnonD-569402, 07 Aug 2016How to use 4g lte to samsung galaxy grand 2 duosI want to use 4g jio in my Samsung galaxy
Grand it possible

  • singh

My galaxy grand2 didn't update with new software plz tell me how it is complete

  • AnonD-569402

How to use 4g lte to samsung galaxy grand 2 duos

  • Anonymous

phone is not superb

  • fayaz

What problems comes in switch off and charges

  • sad boy bijoy

i like this phone ...

  • Anonymous

My samsung grand 2 camera is zoomed in. I don't know if this is the default camera for this phone and I want to know if I there's a way on how to put it on the natural capture just like any other cameras. The things makes so near with this camera and I don't like it. Please help.

  • Suresh G

Smart phone and good looking

  • lina

need advice (samsung grand 2), which better 4.2 or 4.4 .thanks.