LG G Pro 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Royal duel

19 March 2014
No other pair of droids will have you sitting on a fence like these two. Alright, a bold statement indeed. But if anything in it is to be taken literally, it’s the fence. In the end though, home turf for both, this isn’t about which side has the greener lawn...

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  • AnonD-219781

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2014I guess the legibility of amoled being better than ips in s... moreThat was done 2 years ago. Screen technology has changed big time since then. Amoled screens used to suck for screen legibility. Now we have the Note 3 with, measured and factually, the best screen out there, period.

  • AnonD-41413

Not impressed by LG considering the point that G Pro 2 was launched almost half a year later than note 3. They should've done much better! Moreover most of the software and UI tricks were blatantly copied from Note 3.
I have Samsung galaxy line devices but Samsung has indeed done a great job with their Note series.!!
Samsung galaxy Note 3 thumbs up! Waiting for Note 4.

  • AnonD-22824

i have experinced 5.9 inch L1520 i liked the screen quality not much diffrence compaired to note3 but wp has wasted such great hardware with a great 3400 mah battrey i mean i agree the wp ui is a little smoother than touchwiz but its not at all functional even a simple task like turning bluetooth on feels like a rocket science ,no unique abilitys like spen either...hope the black update resolves lots of wp software flaws so all in all wp is still playing catch up ...20mp of L1520 vs 13mp of note3 is almost the same when compaired the picture quality. btw i am keeping an eye on LG G3 ....hope it does'nt come with only 3000 mah battery.on a 5.5" screen

LG smartphone intrests me a lot cause i have a lg 42 inch 3d tv it has a function called 2nd display feature (i want it badly cause of my night shifts) by which u can play any HD content to ur smartphone wirelessly but the damm thing only works with LG flagship Smartphones.no note3 ,no L1520 no note2 only lg .and i dont know..why not 3400mah battery 4 the LG G PRO 2 when it packs a 5.9 inch screen. I mean Nokia did that so LG cud have offered something or the other to stand out against note3 .

like a 3400mah battrey wud hav been awesome ,then ppl wouldn't have felt that they gonna buy a note3 without a spen for a higher price.
LG what were u doing for those 5 to 6 months ?...LG READ THIS IF U CAN

cause now i am in a situation where i cannot decide which one to go for.

  • R

Great article as usual. And now i'm reconsidering my choices. At first i was gonna settle for note3 even though i was looking for 6inches phone but then i became pissed from the regionlock thing which i think they should've mention in the article (maybe i missed reading it).
So i waited for Acer liquid s2 but wasn't eager to get it since it's Acer.
Then i became really happy and little disappointed with G pro2 and decided to get it BUT most probably it'll come late like they did with previous G pro and there is also the price tag!.
So my only hope that Sony will release an 6 inches version of the Z2 & maybe call it Z2 ultra which will have all the amazing feature of the Z2 plus being water and dust proof..
The only thing i'm worried about is Sony interface since i never tried Sony phone b4 but always felt it's gloomy (tried samsung s3 & lg p880) so i hope it's up to the competition.. and fingers crossed for a Z2 ultra (^^)
not any company fan but i keep what i buy 4ever..

  • Anonymous

Cool, both r great phones!! Even tho some features match but wats the point of argument on having similar features?...have fun enjoy whatever phone u wanna try and be happy ;)

Oh I'm sorry but this video playback time on G Pro 2 is some king of a joke !! You must have made mistake !! I've red on the competition page review, that they made 9 and a half hour of playback on G Pro 2 !! Made it once again !!

  • antonioli

Two great devices. The differences are details that benefit just a little bit one ou another. The problem is the price.

  • AnonD-233068

both phones are good.

  • Anonymous

No way ti compare the note3 with that...LG is Just coping Samsung..

  • AnonD-66693

AnonD-241348, 19 Mar 2014I honestly think this review puts too much consideration an... moreYeah, Samsung has its own thing. Eventhough with all those gimmicks, actually, that's what makes them unique especially the Note series. Sorry for my bad English.

  • AnonD-241348

I honestly think this review puts too much consideration an LG G Pro 2, the tho thing they say that makes the G2 better than Note 3 are the OIS in camera(which gives me the idea that having camera with ois does not really mean it would be better it can still be worst) and the buttons at the back(seriously i don't find its appealing, it's ruining the back design and i doubt it will be comfortable to use than usual position for buttons) I think LG is way beyond Samsung in terms of product innovations or maybe it's just because I'm a Note 3 owner and had used other brands as well but none of them match the experience I had with Samsung phones.

  • AnonD-66693

"the Note 3 has undergone a couple of price cuts(it now costs less than 8GB Iphone 5c)" Is Iphone 5c that expensive? :-P

  • AnonD-105670

its time we give a chance to LG

  • Anonymous

I guess the legibility of amoled being better than ips in sunlight is not general because the opposite appears to be the case according to

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