GSMArena smartphone shopping guide: March 2014

21 March 2014
We're back with our latest smartphone shopper's guide, and our first for 2014! In this edition we'll see which new devices announced at the MWC made the cut as good buys, next to some former flagships...

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  • AnonD-77443

AnonD-19190, 21 Mar 2014Xperias are best in all ranges . Sony sonyMaybe if you like massive bezels and average screens....

  • shuaib

There's no xperia ZR on this list. Are u kidding me?

  • AnonD-155275

Where is the Huawei G610 ? , it is as near of a device as powerful and as well specced and priced phone "Moto G Sort of "

  • AnonD-22187

1.why are all the comparisons and information related to US only are there no other countries using mobile phones??
2.stop comparing and marketing moto g with Lumia 520/525 both are way apart products.and its almost certified that no android versions can run smooth on high or low end ,not trying to put the OS down but its design is like that

  • AnonD-19190

Xperias are best in all ranges . Sony sony

  • AnonD-239468

Since when z ultra had a excellent huge camera sensor. And the screen is not good. Lol z ultra had one of the best displays. There are even more errors gsmarena update the article.

  • grump

Samsung Galaxy Star runs Jelly Bean though not Gingerbread.

  • AnonD-239468

Where is galaxy s5

  • Pope

Notable smartphones I'd recommend from the list:
- Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
- LG Optimus L9 II.
- Nokia X.
- Nokia Lumia 520.

Thanks again for the guide, GSMArena.