HTC One (M8) review: One and only

25 March 2014
To say there are great expectations of the freshly announced HTC One (M8) would be a massive understatement. This is, after all, one the of flagships to shape the entire season. But a predecessor that failed to turn warm reception into good sales...

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  • David

Billy blanks , 27 May 2020I didn't see any radio facility in it. I need help please You need to download NextRadio app on google playstore

  • Billy blanks

I didn't see any radio facility in it. I need help please

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

I m using htc m8 bloothootnot working

  • CisQo

How does de second rear camera work or what's it use...

  • John

i am using M8 for more than 2 years now its been a while earlier i used htc X1 the thing is i am just addicted to htc brand so i choose htc M8 i actually dont have a laptop with me so most of the time i used watch movies listening many songs the internal storage is very useful to me where ever i go i can take picture what i want very clear picture quality the voice and sound system also very nice of course even iphone x also came with many options but htc M8 not easy to replace by any other phone brand in my life awesome i am very thankful to the company for made this reliable product who ever want to buy htc say yes for your choice have a good day


  • vishnu

kasi, 15 Aug 2017I using this for past 9months, I have continuous issues, as... moreplease clean the speaker holes using a dry tooth brush.... 100% successful ....

  • kasi

I using this for past 9months, I have continuous issues, as poor voice clarity is bad, speaker sounds level got too low during incoming call and playing music.
While buying this they HTC M8 ONE EYE is premium products flagship model from HTC . Now day feel irritated to using this phone.

  • farid

Not functioning 4 G

  • andrea

Pls am in hot soup.Each time I download applications on my phone.wen I w ake up in the morning I don't see it again even my music's and videos.everythin will just wipe off.even my contactz.somebody should pls assist me.not up to 2 weeks I just got the phone.

  • soul

S.ABiR, 07 Mar 2016Which one should i buy? htc one m8 or nexus 6p??yeah

  • Jose

Hello Friends,
I am using HTC m8 phone. I 'm facing some problem. This phone screen no damage but I can't see any menu icons. Its looking like an off mode. But when I touch the screen, I can hear audiable sound of the keyboard. The notification light is working when I put charging and discharging. But screen is not glow. How to rectify or fix the problem.

  • skpinhole

Is the htc 10 very different from the htc one m8?

  • Chathzu

Which one is better..? M8 16gb or 32gb.

  • VIcky

How to use back side 2nd camera, anyone can suggest me please............????????????

  • udara athukorala

I really love this one....but I had face to software problem after 2 weeks when I update to marshmallow.its really hard to re-install the system.but now I'm good.after re-installation,phone is working well.

  • Igorchebt

Hello there...I had this phone (M8) one year ago but I selled just after 5months of use. The problem was with the software, at some point in working mode the phone would have freezed and when i restarted it I was getting only BIOS options in other words software fail. Has anyone had the same problem as I do or some opinions. Thanks

  • AnonD-519210

brauliomatute96, 09 Jan 2016yes, I'm having some problems with the battery of my M8, I ... moreit is because lollipop drains all the battery of the phone, believe me, I had a xperia Z1s before with kitkat and averything was great but when I updated to lollipop the battery life decrease very fast, but don´t worry, just update your m8 to marshmallow and after that make a factory reset just to make shure everything will be ok, you will see improved yur battery life. I have the M8 right now with marshmallow and the battery life is amazing.

  • AnonD-519210

S.ABiR, 07 Mar 2016Which one should i buy? htc one m8 or nexus 6p??M8 is an amazing phone but the Nexus 6p is a truelly beast in everything, buy the Nexus, you won´t regret

  • AnonD-537624

Any suggestions how to clean the back