Samsung Galaxy S5 review: Fab Five

08 April 2014
Every time the Samsung Galaxy S counter flips a digit, the world is getting ready to be amazed. The lineup that stood up to the iPhone and has been pulling Android to the very top of the food chain, is under new leadership effective last month...

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  • AnonD-236867

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2014Why does all Lumia, Iphone, Xperia, and new HTC design all look ... moreLumia, Iphone, Xperia, and HTC designs are already good and doesn't need a compulsory upgrade. But Samsung really needs an upgrade of design. Otherwise, Samsung makes great devices.

  • AnonD-253364

Awesome phone

  • Kunal

Indian users,especially me, really upset about chipset.

  • Anonymous

I heard of users having volume issues with first batches. So keep waiting for the production to get better before buying.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Apr 2014I don't know how you all iGuys started to follow Tim Cook's (fas... morePropaganda is from Samsung. If you say something they don't like, they'll sue you.­g-sues-newspaper-for-284k-over-negative-reports-­on-galaxy-s5

  • AnonD-5197

AnonD-73252, 11 Apr 2014The S5's stock browser must be optimized for benchmarks since Ch... moreAndroid browser always worked better than Chrome in my experience.

  • sunny

Anonymous, 11 Apr 2014I don't know how you all iGuys started to follow Tim Cook's (fas... moreI love sumsung mobile...

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I don't know how you all iGuys started to follow Tim Cook's (fashion)orientation . LOL
The cheat sealed ALUMINUM is now the last "place" to hide:)

Apple's propaganda was bashing Note 3 design too. Right?
But since ppl put their hands on it in real, they know that Note 3 is beautiful and classy device. And then the apple propaganda shut up. Right?
Same will happen tomorrow, with S5. I can bet on that.

  • AnonD-73252

The S5's stock browser must be optimized for benchmarks since Chrome on the S5 is still at over 700ms like all the rest of the stock browsers and Chrome are.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-209094, 09 Apr 2014"you also get a brand new Snapdragon 801 chipset to take ov... moreWell the bezels are not that big. But one reason for being slightly larger would be water proofing, and physical buttons....But that would just be...logical though...

  • AnonD-135461

Can you please check it's wifi chip for sensitivity?­.wifirecption.wifireceptionbenchmark

  • Anonymous

In india the phone does not come with 4g connectivity and in few months india is going to get the same so it would b atupid to buy an 850 dollar phone when its not going to aupport 4g si 👎down for it

  • AnonD-8044

Oh just noticed low audio output,,the same reason I sold S3 & S4 for..Why put in decent DAC then have crappy end stage amplifier?..

  • amiroomg3

these are my favorite items..
what d u want to know!!?
i expect more than this of sami..
great like notes series..atleast with identical design..

  • Anonymous

Jay, 10 Apr 2014So, it is not even launched but you already have a hand on it eh? Why wouldn't I have a hand on it? Heard of pre-launch display sets?

  • Bernie

Ive held this phone in a Samsung store 2 weeks ago and i felt no excitement whatsoever. I cant feel the "premiumness" of the device.i think if an owner of an s5 is sitting between an owner of SXZ2 and HTC One, he'll feel ashamed of taking it out of his pocket..its like showing off ur Hyundai Sta. Fe to owners of Range Rover and BMW X5.

  • scorpio

Omg more iRants he he.

I like the look of the new S5 and I like the build quality of Samsungs phones.

I guess Samsung has hit a technological ceiling because what else is there to upgrade ?

USB 3.0 FASTEST afaik

My biggest gripe is how they stuffed up default email with the 4.3 upgrade.

Everything else is either wonderful or intrusive.

Googles policy of of forcing us to share our data is my biggest disappointment I wish there was one button that would keep everything on my phone on my phone.

I dont want to share my data.

Thanks Samsung for great phones !!

  • Jay

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2014I own a Galaxy S4, a reliable but horrible looking and feeling d... moreSo, it is not even launched but you already have a hand on it eh?

  • advice

AnonD-252227, 10 Apr 2014boring in some aspects: 1)design (fantastic ugly)this title put... morecan u tell us about the aspects that u liked?

  • AnonD-252227

boring in some aspects:
1)design (fantastic ugly)this title put to earmark for samsung device every year.
2)plastic....plastic and plastic again..i never eager to take it in my hands.. samsung dont have enough money to recruit best designer.!!??
3)i dont like touchwiz..every year copy for next year,,i need to new design with better performance..i dont know some lags in s4 continue for this one or not..
im going for m8 this year cus it recover my needs and samy maybe next year..
maybe in note 4..galaxy disappointed me..