Sony Xperia E1 review: Enter Walkman

15 April 2014
Back in 2012, the simple and affordable Xperia E was targeting youths and first-time smartphone users. Two years later and out of elementary school, the Xperia E1 has more screen size and brain power to stay afloat in the rough waters of junior high...

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  • Subham Kumar

I thank Sony Company for releasing a fully feature loaded smartphone but there are some features which are missing or are not there in this phone. If those would have been there then I think this model would be a best seller.But for me it is the best music phone......

  • Anil Kumar Singh

Using xperia. E1 the best of imcredibility.

  • payam

Pls test this with some graphical benchmark like "nena mark2" or "epic citadel" or "GLBenchmark 2.5 Egypt " & "GLBenchmark 2.7 T-Rex" and so on .

  • ritik

its good but the main disapponting thing is its camera only 3mp and its also does not have frount camera

  • mik

same housing WITH 1 gig RAM, i would v bought it. Now i dont. AND I DONT BUY ANY OTHER SONY WITH 1 GIG. so the 512 gig tactic to persuade you to more expensive models doesnt work with me. I hate this market thinking enginering. CRIPPLING PHONES!! Where is a decent mid range 4 inch android good design phone with at least 1 gig?? cant find it dammit !! :) :) : )

  • Anonymous

its göod in that range

  • AnonD-163891

Elegant,Compact,Impressive Sound.That's so simple
but,moto g is perfect to me.

  • AnonD-163891

gaurav jkl, 20 Apr 2014It seems to have only 4gb internal storage and only 2gb usable s... moreyou can see in other website,and search on google makes help you :)

  • gaurav jkl

It seems to have only 4gb internal storage and only 2gb usable space,so is there any way to move apps to sd card.have someone successfully done it.
reply me fast.

  • venkatesh

How to update kitkat I

  • Anonymous

AnonD-43136, 16 Apr 2014Agreed. 512mb ram is lousey. I stopped using my Lww for that rea... moreNexus 5 has stock ware and yet it's so buggy. Weak camera and weak battery.

  • AnonD-43136

Agreed. 512mb ram is lousey. I stopped using my Lww for that reason. I then got an xperia T which while being quiet in the speaker is loud and crisp in the headphones. Then Sony started releasing buggy updates again so I now have a nexus 5 which is actually louder than the lww in headphones - but sacrifices quality.
Sony need to give us a high spec walkman branded phone - that is the only chance Sony has of ever getting me back. And none of the tinny speaker rubbish like in the z2 please.

  • AdamBoy64

I like the design. Sony puts out some slick looking gear.

  • Anonymous

I find it peculiar that a phone targeting teens would leave out the front facing cam, aren't the youth of today and possibly tomorrow all obsessed with taking selfies?

  • Ron

Kindly take note to all consumer....
Sony doesn't give 100% setting sound like real walkman. For in radio mode, you still cannot adjust equalizer or BASS. EQ Settings only works with mp3/mp4 player mode only.

  • mrJ

[deleted post]Cmon give Me break, thus is on specs can't you read for yourself!!!

  • AnonD-186680

Thank you Gsmarena for reviewing cheaper phones as well as expensive ones :))

  • that_guy

For the price, a moto g is unbeatable in this category... Good luck to Sony with this one

  • worya

Can we get a eta on when the xperia Z2 review is coming out, it seems everyone else on the web has already posted one, but I like this site the most as they do very good and unbiased reviews.

  • rs

Forgetting the cam and fixed focus 512MB ram is THE main disadvantage..