Nokia XL Dual SIM review: Start to Finnish

02 May 2014
The Nokia XL goes where Asha never dared, 5" screen territory. Windows Phone itself only recently got there, but the Nokia X family is really an extension of touchscreen Asha "smartphones" rather than a failsafe in case Windows Phone get...

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  • Solomon

suyog, 21 Jul 2019Even in India Nokia store stopped working so getting help f... morePlease store app on my Nokia xl dual sim is not working again, what can I do to make it working?

  • franc wan

Software update

  • suyog

Muhammad Fayyax, 25 Dec 2018Nokia XL i bey 2015 soudia Arab no working Store i will go... moreEven in India Nokia store stopped working so getting help from other platforms to update apps. Though if Nokia works better than other brands then I think it's one of the best and sturdy smartphones. Still waiting for good reviews on its new handsets so can decide.

  • Muhammad Fayyax

Nokia XL i bey 2015 soudia Arab no working Store i will go Pakistan store open now i coming UAE but Nokia Store not working , Nokia play store Nokia XL i think in Gulf Country Nokia Play store have problem please check this problem

  • AnonD-722158

Does it support MHL?
Please answer as soon as possible.

  • AnonD-714469

My nokai xlHel can't open messanger.

  • AnonD-714469

saifu, 07 Jun 2017How could I change the phonfrom Windows model to androidDownload 9launcher

  • Davo

Am useing Nokia Lumia XL is not sporting play store

  • Anonymous

Google play store open help

  • Anonymous

I love the word features of this phone however my calls are now being constantly cut off and whilst on whatsapp calls there are some very unbearable noises in the background which makes communication impossible.

  • saifu

How could I change the phonfrom Windows model to android

  • Gee

smbg, 28 Mar 2015I really enjoy using Nokia XL... an awesome phone. However,... moreI totally agree. Its a good phone and reasonably priced too.

  • AnonD-606199

i want to change software into another mobile software because in my nokia xl does not available in update version. PLEASE HELP TO CHANGE THE SOFTWARE!

  • AnonD-559328

I have a Nokia Xl when IMo start the back camera is not working plz solve my problems

  • uday

Why should not supported telugu

  • rakesh

Nokia xl not spot navigation, gps

  • AnonD-544896

WWhy is it that MicroSD is not functioning with Nokia XL

  • Anonymous

Hi, I discovered since when I bought my Nokia XL its Micro SD is not functioning, even I bought another Micro SD still not functioning what should I do?

  • debyendu

In my opinion this phone is the most rubbish phone in world,nothing can"t support in this phone,most of the apps does not support,like hdfc bank chillr ,altime it shows chillr has stopped in time of plz help how it possible for using friendly hdfc chillr aps.

  • Ramkumar

My mobile display not clear.some lines create in display.what problem.please tell