Sony Xperia Z2 review: Action pack

16 May 2014
Quite a few people were getting impatient at one point but a Sony flagship is well worth waiting for. But then, wasn't it clear well before the impatience started to kick in that owners of the original Xperia...

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  • AnonD-249161

So,it's now proven that 3GB RAM of z2 didn't help to blow s5 away!open yourn eyes Sony fanboys and don't criticize s5 because of its 2GB RAM!
S5 is the best!

  • AnonD-239468

Sony drops the ball as always.... too much flaws.

  • Anonymous

Shame on you htc and sammy for bringing such a disgrace of a "flagship" phone.kudo sony.

  • AnonD-260739

haha at last GSM reviews the phone

  • Anonymous

Low volume in audio output makes me buy another device. I listen to a lot of music with my Beyerdynamic DT990's plugged in. Other than this, it seems to be a great device.

  • AnonD-81000

Xperia Z2 is the best phone of H1 of 2014, period..

Design is sleek, beautiful,elegant, oh plus that waterproofing and camera shutter button!

Display is a huge step up compared to the last generations of xperia models. According to ericca griffin, Z2 display has wide colour gamut (comparable to Samsung's amoled display), accurate gammas, great colour temprature, and nicely saturated colours.. One of the best smartphone displays ever

It appears that gsmarena don't get the Z2 unit that comes with digital noise cancelling headset huh? Oh that is too bad because its quality really is awesome

Battery life.. Jeez, I was expecting the same endurance rating as S5 or M8. But 89 hours? Holy sh*t! And impressively, that is without any power saving modes whatsoever

The best chipset on the market and 1 gb more of ram than any of z2's competitor, enough said already

Camera and video quality? Forgive me gsmarena but this is where I get skeptical because tests from gsmarena only include outdoors and indoors with a decent lighting which is not considered as a low light situation, and there is no night shots as well

Actually from what I found everywhere else on the internet is this (compared to galaxy s5):

In daylight: S5 and Z2 is considered equal. S5 has marginally more detail thanks to its overly heavy sharpening which in turn also makes objects look odd and unnatural, the colur accuracy goes to the Z2

Indoors, Z2 wins because S5 has big drop on quality and noise reduction starts to show its ugly head

In lowlight and night shots, S5 is no match for Z2. S5 really struggles. Exposure isn't spot on, lots of noise, plus there are heavy noise reduction artifacts plus heavy sharpening that make images even uglier.

4k video in daylight: Z2 has the edge in terms of stabilization and colour accuracy, but there is an autofocus issue. S5 has a weeny bit more details, but the colours are oversaturated to the point where yellow objects come out green, also its videos are shaky as it like a major earthquake is hapenning. Surely most people will choose a video that has focus issue rather than shaky video.

4k video in lowlight: Z2 wins again because the S5 has a lot of noise and major drop in detail.

Don't believe me? Here is a comparison with DSLR as a reference

  • AnonD-19038

Sounds nice, but am still happy with my Z1, look forward to the Z4 (when my contract ends) which I hope has 32Gb option onboard, or at least as an option.

  • AnonD-85136

Great great great phone, I love Xperia z2

  • Eldamri

great waiting for Z2 compact of ZL2