Nokia Lumia 630/635 review: Bottom up

23 May 2014
One of the first phones to launch straight to Windows Phone 8.1, the Lumia 630 is also the first to bring dual-SIM support to the platform. That said, we should note right at the start that weโ€™re reviewing the regular, single-SIM version...

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  • Anonymous

Was a good phone back in a day!

  • Theresa

Nokia Lumia 630 is a dual sim right?
So how can I remove the SIM 2 slot cover

  • Anonymous

Nice phone

  • Naveen Kumar

Nice phone

  • Naveen Kumar

Nice phone

  • michel

It has great battery span. I love the love. I just wish it could have a front screen camera

  • theophilus

My whatsapp is not updating any longer,I can't chat any more,can someone help me please,i can't install from store again please help.

  • destroteeman

Runs out of memory too quickly, can't view some websites as it shuts internet explorer or uc browser every time.

  • H.Abdalla

Amost 2 years with me and its a great phone ! performance is the same as its first day
I live my Lumia 630

  • clarish

๐Ÿ‘Œ system and great. I do love it much

  • p.murali

How can I format my phone

  • Trusted Source

Also it is 2015, this phone was reasonable back in its time but now you are sure to get a better deal else where.

  • manish

Good experience and gaming quality.
Good looking.
No lag
Nice camera and I think which they give bad reviews they know nothing about windows phone.

  • veeru


  • Azharuddin


  • imbet

The screen is totally black after I press the screen lock it's only 5months old ๐Ÿ˜ก

  • pete

I what to remove lumia retail becouse it eat my battery

  • Anonymous

AnonD-137159, 08 May 2015I have had this phone for a month now and I think it's a gr... moreUnfortunately it is pretty standard that phones have to be on while being charged.

  • Anonymous

Robin, 23 Nov 2014Don't waste ur money on 630. Costliest iron boxJust by reading "iron" I can tell you are completely ignorant.

  • Anonymous

sujith, 26 Aug 2014can i get cortona in my lumia 630Yes you will recive a update after some time