LG G3 hands-on: First look

27 May 2014
The LG G2 is a living legend for its razor thin bezels but it's time to pass on the torch. The compactness spell worked once again and the LG G3 fits a massive 5.5" QHD screen in a body barely bigger than that of its competitors. Who needs phablets...

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  • AnonD-103558

I want an honest opinion. Plz someone inform me how good is the front facing camera? I knew about the all the others thing about the phone but confused about front facing camera but it's a important issue for me so someone plz help me here. Thnx in advance.

  • AnonD-290215

those how are saying the QHD isn't wow they should play demo clips on the device gallery & they will be amazed. but why can't nocice it in some media, apps or els because it doesn't support QHD yet. I'm a samsung s4 user & its battry last about 6hours of heavy duty but the LG G3 last about 7 hours so it's a little feature. the worst thing in the device is the front camera it capture a concaved picture, latterly! but the performance, material is excellent

  • tarah

I just buy two supposed to be original, but they are not the same white color and the camera is not same resolution. One is a copy right? How do i know if it is a copy?

  • Anonymous

shane, 14 Jun 2014I tink..my optimus vu2 is still the best wen it cums for design..That would be the Motorola Droid Razr XT912

  • Anonymous

AnonD-81824, 14 Jun 2014Z2 is outdated and G3 is futuristic .. Lololololol. Why do you troll with so much hurt?

Z2 is outdated? Meanwhile it seems to possibly have better display, has better camera, 3gb ram all versions, level 8 water protection, some people like the glass build, better stereo speakers, is thinner by 0.6-0.7mm and not as wide "blah blah we know you will talk about curved", is more unique, decent bit better battery life overall. ... so on and so forth.

So if you like g3 better that's good for you. But what you ate doing and have been doing is jealous and misleading trolling.

  • shane

I tink..my optimus vu2 is still the best wen it cums for design..

  • AnonD-81824

Leo, 07 Jun 2014Z2 or G3? :)Z2 is outdated and G3 is futuristic ..

  • syamviswanath

good and smart phone

  • King 111

Leo, 07 Jun 2014Z2 or G3? :)I would suggest you to go for G3 ..

Otherwise u can check one plus one or ZTE nubia x6

  • Anonymous

Leo, 07 Jun 2014Z2 or G3? :)Depends what you want. I would overall say Z2, but for certain things you might like the G3.

  • Leo

Z2 or G3? :)

  • West

default industry standards of black, white & gold? why are they considered the default standards? "because Apple!" .. ??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2014My next android phone would be a G3 or Note 4If you can wait for September ish then wait for Note 4.
Even most Samsung haters can admit the Note line is big.

It will most likely beat S5 in display and camera which both overall beat the rest. Plus be water resistant and possibly have 4GB ram. Plus at least an S805.
Spen of course too.

  • sks

These benchmarks mean nothing, all are fixed and manufacturers tune the OS to give better results when in reality, things like battery life are shoved out. Will wait for real world tests...

  • opened 34

Better multimedia experience (HTC One M8) or better screen and camera (G3)

  • Anonymous

My next android phone would be a G3 or Note 4

  • Anonymous

AnonD-80553, 02 Jun 2014There is one in the review.Ooohhh. I see.
I thought they meant a true full comparison.
I know of that already though.

  • Anonymous

Frank Werther, 31 May 2014The phone is meh. The Chinese have released phones with thi... moreSome Chinese phones are truly a copy.I prefer not to buy anything or buy a weak device than buy them.

  • AnonD-80553

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2014Are you saying as in "it would be", or that you h... moreThere is one in the review.

  • luka3rd

Frank Werther, 31 May 2014The phone is meh. The Chinese have released phones with thi... moreRight on! Oppo Find 7, for example, has same specs...