Sony Xperia M2 review: Dial M for midrange

30 May 2014
We are about to explore the Xperia M2, a smartphone with an agenda of its own. Task number 1 is to upgrade the popular Xperia M. Check. The M2 brings a bigger screen (and ups the resolution), the chipset is better and the camera resolution is higher. The M2 also...

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  • Penny gent

Bought at only £29 as a stand by
Pleasantly surprised
Battery is not too bad,
Camera I's fine
4g capable
For the price excellent phone,

  • Ackerschnekki

I got my Sony M2 nearly 3years ago. It is a good item. 2 issues with this phone I am not happy with.
#1- 8Gb internal storage is not enough. There are a lot of rubbish apps you can't delete and are taking a lot of space already! The system to run the phone takes already 5 GB of storage space!
#2- the software to maintain the Smartphone doesn't work correctly! I backed up my phone several times and lost a lot of important files when I tried to restore everything.

  • Ashiesh chahal

Very good long life phone

  • zuzu

I'm a Sony m2 user how do I unlock my pin

  • Baski

Hi Guys, This Xperia M2 support 4G

  • nik

i want upgrade my phone .i want marshmallow version

  • Anonymous

have never had probloms with Sony Xperia M2. have use the phone in 2 years

  • Anonymous

I have just bought it few days ago and now I'm shocked with your comments about it!I didn't use it even once but I'm afraid to😢.
should I give it back and buy a new one or what??

  • Neetu

I have some problems in my Sony Experia M2 phone. Its speaker is not working properly.Only six months ago I purchased it. I am not satisfied with your product.

  • andrie911

Herardo, 21 Jan 2016Once you update, theres no turning backOf course there is. You just need flashtool and the FTF file of the android version you want. And no, you don't need root.

  • Herardo

i a siddiqui, 20 Nov 2015please any one advice my m2 phone downgrade the kitkat vers... moreOnce you update, theres no turning back

  • Anonymous

aeson, 02 Oct 2014Would like to know if m2 are waterproof?No, The standard M2 is not waterproof, but the M2 Aqua is.

  • i a siddiqui

please any one advice my m2 phone downgrade the kitkat version.....

  • Gurvinder

Hi. M also having camera issue after updating my Xperia m2 dual to lollipop. I visit Xperia care center. But problem is still same. I also advise to all of you plz give comments about this problem on the sony Xperia official website or mail your problem so they relize the problem and solve this issue

  • Gurvinder

Hi. M also having camera issue after updating my Xperia m

  • Kevin

Hi Im using my Xperia M2 since April 2015 until now (Oct. 2015) using Android Kitkat 4.4

In terms of performance in gaming. it is good (Cytus, Dungeon Hunter 2, asphalt 8) Never experience any lags. Yeah Phone turns hot but I think its normal if you are gaming

in terms of Battery Life I would say its good with stamina Mode on. MY phone could last atleast 2-3 hrs with LTE or whole day if LTE is off.

in terms of sound. Sound of phones speaker is not that good, your better use headphones and its good.

In terms of Camera,Rear Camera is just ok but front camera is worst you cant use it for selfie...

Just piece of advice do not update to Android Lollipop (uses lots of Ram in your phone and Consumes lot of Battery, Most of them tells camera gets worst)

  • Vinayak

Today all of sudden my cell phone has turned out blank. Was working fine till morning , when checkedin evening after longggg time , it was DEAD :'(. Please team can anyone let me know what exactly happened ?

  • AnonD-446773

Only sound quality is to poor.then other wise dis is d best mbl at dis price

  • puneet

Kishor, 27 Apr 2015i confused between sony e4g and m2dual which one is bette... moreXperia m2

  • Vicky

When will i get lollipop 5.1 update