GSMArena smartphone shopping guide: June 2014

09 June 2014
We intentionally delayed this edition of our phone shopping guide, waiting for all flagships to come out. With the last one out and reviewed, time to see how the market evolved since our last edition in...

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  • radosuaf

Thanks for a GREAT article! I will be buying LG 2 mini - would like to have an HTC, but there's simply nothing in that price bracket from them worth looking at.

  • AnonD-285888

This list just confirms what I have known for six-seven months.

I picked up a LG Optimus G on contract for $49. Until I dropped it (rare), it was the best phone I have owned. It's fast, powerful, will run anything, take 1080p vide o, take high quality snaps and run GTA III without a problem.

Since it cost $160 to replace the screen, I thought I could pick up a backup phone for the time being.

Well, I picked up a ZTE z740 (Radiant) and for a budget phone ($83), I don't see how the Moto E is better, except maybe for the camera.

Radiant has a stock Jellybean on it and is stable except Shopkick crashes when listening to audio at the same time via Bluetooth.

I have not tracked down what is causing that but for a budget phone it works perfect.

It does have a flash but it's poor in low light as the camera itself is poor. So the Moto series will win that fight.

But I feel vindicated for purchasing the Optimus G in the first place and thus far in 2014, no budget or midrange phone has been able to dethrone it.

  • AnonD-145833

I picked up a second hand like new z10 for 130 Euro. You won't find any phone on that level.

  • deng

AnonD-273767, 14 Jun 2014I need some opinions.I want to buy an Android phone.My budget is... moreFor MYR600 i think the best you can get only the 2nd samsung galaxy note 1.the best among samsung other than note 2 n note 3 which are the best android from samsung.

  • Anonym

Slim, 14 Jun 2014You state being best in its price bracket. You will note from m... moreThat's why, whenever I read an Internet comment, I get a second opinion. Here it's very easy to get one, just look at sales numbers and be an objective judge.

Your analysis of what makes the better Android is flawed in "oh so many" ways.

I could be here loosing my time telling you are leaving quality out of the equation, leaving the exclusive features each manufacturer has out of the equation and (not less importantly) leaving personal preference for any given design out of the equation. But...

When someone who goes the straight and narrow view of "it must be just the hardware" carries on to assert that a plain MSM8960@1.5Ghz with an Adreno 225 (Z10) "creams" the PRO version MSM8960T@1.7Ghz with an Adreno 320 (SP), I believe it is established any reasonable argument would just be a waste of time.

You can dance around it all you want, what I can tell you is this.
People are speaking volumes with their money, not cheap talk. You can choose to listen or you can carry on your delusional crusade.

  • AnonD-273950

Where's Moto X? Better than LG G.

  • AnonD-273767

I need some opinions.I want to buy an Android phone.My budget is MYR600.What phone I should buy?

  • Slim

Anonym, 11 Jun 2014The reason is quite simple to understand. The Z10 features an... moreYou state being best in its price bracket. You will note from many comments that people disagree with what has been suggested as being best in the price brackets. What is best? How do you measure what is best - a personal opinion? I also dont think BB sacrificed is roots at all - where? Does that analogy also apply to Android where small incremental updates get rave reviews but BBOS10.2.1 largely surpassed these updates. So in your assessment it is merely a question of hardware for Android devices - who can produce the cheapest for size and screen sharpness (which all what the consumer sees in any case). On Sony SP, check out the specs comparison on this website with the BBZ10. The BBZ10 creams it. No, there is personal prejudices somewhere in the reviews. Blackberry has made mistakes, but the core OS is superior to just about anything on the market, and the Z10 is stunning value.

  • Dickname

The Xiaomi Hongmi 1s, were is it in your review????

  • Anonym

AnonD-183154, 11 Jun 2014Why is the 32GB varient of iPhone compared and where do you find... moreYou will find that price in the Apple store (from their official site in most of Europe).

  • AnonD-183154

Why is the 32GB varient of iPhone compared and where do you find it at 800 euro?

  • Anonym

Slim, 11 Jun 2014I agree the BB Z10 is special, and in particular the OS is far b... moreThe reason is quite simple to understand.

The Z10 features an OS that sacrificed much of the BB roots, reinventing itself for it's top feature: to be able to run Android apps and be a lot more like Android...

The hardware the Z10 packs is very nice, sure, but Xperia SP is pretty much the reason why you don't see the Z10 there.
It was surpassed in it's price bracket by a native Android, plain and simple.

-- That's all this article is about, being the best at your price bracket.

No point in putting it there just because it's a BB... BB no longer has such a strong identity to warrant that (unlike say WP or Apple).

It is what it is, no point trying to shift blame to the reviewers.

  • Lenovo Vibe Z

where is xiaomi hongmi 1s? best price/performance phone on the world

  • Slim

claudiorome, 10 Jun 2014im a sony fan but lately im using a blackberry z10, it's a wonde... moreI agree the BB Z10 is special, and in particular the OS is far better than most. Dont understand what the issue is with GSM Arena. They just dont like BB for some reason which is not clear. Dont agree with the ecosystem rubbish, which to me means games. So what! I really like the BB OS and GSM Arena should be more constructive and not focus on games and useless apps as making a difference. OK so we see great screen and camera development, but that is really all that BB is a little behind on with hardware but BB OS is definitely superior in my view.

  • AnonD-92238

AnonD-134497, 11 Jun 2014Where is your TV that can run 4K videos? Future proofing? Yeah r... moreWhen would you stop bashing people who are making legitimate comments.

You use Bing, you feel 4k is a gimmick. Are you an alien. ?? Tell me.

  • AnonD-247245

Phones no matter what will keep upgrading to a higher level because mainly on competition between companies and people always like newer technology

  • Stockyboi

Where is the Nokia Lumia 930? Surely that is the Nokia/Windows flagship???

  • the_maker

Guys its a shame that you "missed" Xiaomi Mi 3.. It kicks ass of 90% of all these phones and costs 250 EUR

  • AnonD-134497

AnonD-77464, 10 Jun 20144K is a gimmick? Are you kidding me? Besides it's a thing that m... moreWhere is your TV that can run 4K videos? Future proofing? Yeah right! Good luck with that. Have you recorded and played a 4K video in your smartphone? What was the result?

Don't try to troll when you have no idea what you are talking about son. I have highlighted it as not a disadvantage. You have taken it out of the context. Learn to read comprehensions properly.

  • j.khan95

I did'nt get it,moto g in below 100 caregory,and moto e in 100-200 ?