HTC One (M8) vs Sony Xperia Z2: Unsafe mode

11 June 2014
There haven’t really been sparks flying between Sony and HTC. It doesn’t look like a rivalry capable of producing the kind of ripples one would expect of a clash involving Samsung and Apple, or LG and Samsung. Yet, HTC and Sony have been...

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Mar 2015z2 is good phoneHow i wil unsafe mode My Sumsung S3 III
My Scran Safe mode

  • Anonymous

HTC seems to last longer than Sony. But waterproofing really would be good. I will still choose HTC over sony because of endurance. Battery life on my m8 didnt seem to change even after 2 years. Although I think battery deteriorates if you use it while charging(which i dont do). My friends z2 just died so I can say HTC lasts longer. We bought it 2 months apart, my HTC m8 being older.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2016Nope not true .apple is undeniably shi* And it's tooooo ov... moreI told you facts and you came with offensive answer without any reasons against my comment. Typical android fanboy

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2016These were the golden days of android smartphones. Since SD... moreNope not true .apple is undeniably shi*
And it's tooooo over rated.just because the apple creator died 😭 who gives a toss.HTC and Samsung are the best phones u can possibly get a hold of

  • Anonymous

These were the golden days of android smartphones. Since SD810, known brands like Sony or HTC are dying and cheap startups from china come up. Only the two strongest manufacturers, Samsung and Apple survived that (also because Samsung didn't choose the Snapdragon and reinvented it's design what seemed very innovative to costumers. Apple is the classic one, long lasting, good reputation, good update support and better integration into Apple's own eco system)

  • Maz

Having owned the xperia z, z2, m8 and m9 I can honestly say both phones are fantastic but flawed. Z series phones have low sound output, I assume due to waterproofing measures, square shape also makes one handed use challenging. But the screen is amazing. Battery life definitely more than a day even whilst pushing it, software overlay is clean and easy on the eyes. Heat issues are clearly apparent. Regardless of 4k use. Especially in hot climates. HTC m8 as well as the m9 have poor battery life's in comparison. The design and craftsmanship is fantastic,but the only concern I have not with the m8 but moreso the m9; the bezel around the screen is either too thin or badly designed. Because of this, the bezel cracks on all four corners eventually regardless of how well protected the phone may be. Camera on both HTC phones do not compare to Sony sensor. All inall both phones are brilliant. In terms of longivety the Sony phone I believe will outlast the HTC. Especially because of waterproofing. Which one would I have? Ideally both!:)

  • Anonymous

how marvelous,fabulous and fantastic is x-peria one can tell about it......don wait to be told about it.........realy i admire it.......

  • AnonD-131986

I love listening to music and taking Instagram photos.. I always worry about getting my phone wet so everytime I get a chance to go out doors and do some crazy splashing I end up taking no pictures of it..

I torn between this 2 beautiful creations..

  • sam

Hello guys I have used z2 z3 even m8 m9 but after the 3 months z2 z3 makes issues like hand camera blur many issues but HTC m8 after 1 year no issues this is my experience guys

  • Kelly

Sony z2 the beast it has got everything that a phone requires

  • Anonymous

akash, 17 Jun 2014xperia z2 world best smartphonez2 is good phone

  • AnonD-107376

yeah most phones do that 4k recording is demanding and generates a lot of heat since the cpu is working hard. Its not a flaw, its the truth with 4k recording.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-274519, 07 Jul 2014M8 is better for headphone usage too, since it has the bett... moreZ2 has Logo of SONY enough to be best from m8

  • sonyzz

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2014That is totally crap! HTC M8 even with its Harmon Kardon ve... moreSony started from 80' htc?...mmmmmm, maybe in future :)

  • sonyzz

AnonD-274519, 22 Jul 2014Seems like you haven't checked out the audio tests. M8 has ... moreUnder the water right? :)

  • sonyzz

steel, 10 Aug 2014I had a Sony Z2 for 15 days was an absolute fail since the ... moreAll z2 you have, cuz my friends have z2 and no problems at all :)

  • sonyzz

Xperia, 22 Sep 2014NO , MY Phone is not happen , my phone is also z2Or he is just lying, to make htc stand better, they say htc speaker's sounds better, then lets put both phones in to the water and hear who sounds better ;)

  • santosh

See if we come through performance the Sony has great demand htc have demand for money winner is z2 by international mobile company

  • AnonD-97167

you measured Xperia Z2 brightness value in sunlight and the result was "488 white, cd/m2"
well, after the lastest firmware " 23.0.1.a.0.167" I think the screen is brighter now
Can u measure it again ?

  • Hasni

Htc m8 3d camera so funny and body full ion genatic metal
i like htc m8...................................................................................yeah.....