Nokia E50 review: Economy business class

03 October 2006
Nokia E50 is another Series 60 Symbian 9.1 smartphone from the famous Finnish manufacturer. It’s the small sizes and ergonomic shape that attract most of the attention. The new quad-band handset has connectivity features like Infrared, Bluetooth, USB, GPRS and EDGE. As it comes at a low price, it will be a phone with many fans. Packed with features in small dimensions, coming at the right price, E50 is surely a bright addition on the GSM phones’ market shelves.

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  • aaayush

Much good phone in that time I like it

  • Nishadali

Best one but very slow and hard to use

  • Linx

Very-very good design.. used metal) Good ergonomic.

  • Kamal

This is a bad phone. its power button alwaws gets broken. i have changed the body 2 times. my response to sms is 15 seconds. it is slow and completely unusable. this was a bad choice.

  • harish tiwari in the

its a very handy and smart phone i ever seen this kind of handset i using this from last 18 month i want purchase tain.o this ag

  • Sergio

When trying to execute the program (Psiloc_FontMagnifier_S603rd.sisx) to increase the fonts it does not work anymore. It doesn't continue after the sign Nokia. That terrible celphone is Nokia E50, I will have to throw away it.

  • macv

I had faced many quality problem with the phone, this was my first nokia phone and after 14 months its dead. The first problem I faced in first two month of purchase, its rubber strip on the top near power button came out. Nokia Care center asked 1400/- for fixing it. And now after 14 month of purchase its a useless phone for me because it key used to unlock keypad is not responsive and phone can be unlocked. Nokia Care says PCB is damaged due to humidity or some fungus and not economically repairable. I've used a low end LG handset for 4 yrs and its still usable. I really wonder about the quality of nokia handset.
Issue other than hardware I found it software also very slow in responsive, when a call comes after pressing the key to receive the call it take significantly observable time to respond. This is almost with all the functionalities.

  • sedat balcı

does this phone A2DP support? i want to buy a stereo bluetooth heaset.

  • angry

i like this phone,but i hate fact about faceplates for this phone.can anyone tell me where i can buy it,email me if you know.

  • antónio

How can I eliminated the voice when I start a call ( the name of the contact )? Thanks.

  • James

Does the E50 support GPS?

  • Nitin

I bought this phone 6 months back. It's a nice stylish phone. The only problem i have with this is i cann't set-up a recurring alarm. In other words , i have to set up alarm everyday.

  • Haroon

The phone is painfully slow. I changed it from Nokia 6630. It was one of the best devices so far I used in all aspects.

  • Mareq

Battery life is completely disaster- After being fully charged the battery stands only for ca 90 mins talk!!!

  • maris

Been using the phone for weeks now and i love it so far. Font size problem was solved by changing the did i do that here is the link

SMS sending is smooth and fast. I don't need sms accelerator to send messages fast. Maybe this is because i have the latest software version. ( I can do other tasks while sending sms. The phone itself will redirect me to stand-by mode while it is sending a message. Isn't that great?

Great phone. Good sound quality.

  • Anonymous

Is there any point of leaving messages saying ' the font size is fine' when clearly it's not for some?? it is for me but thats not the point, some people have issues with it.

Seems like the only way to improve it is to upload a new font

  • Anonymous

The battery life is exceptional i fully charge my phone and it goes about 4days without being near the charger.

  • NUFF

I suggest that if u want a bigger font buy glasses and this goes to everyone who said the font is too small come off of that now it's not a computer. I think this is one of the best phones on the market the resolution is great, it is light but yet,it has a sturdy feel to it.The only cons i have with the phone is that nokia forgot the auto lock but i guess they did because u can actually set the phone to autolock on its ow after a certain amt of time has elapse and u determine how long that is. Also i've had my phone for about 3 months and has dropped on several occasions and now i find that it freezes sometimes when i am trying to do more than one thing on the phone at a time. Otherwise
this is a great phone u people need to get to know the phone inside out then u will stop HATING and learn to APPRECIATE.
YES I WOULD BUY IT AGAIN !!!! GO to and download free EE50 themes and make the phone yours, not what the manufacturers sold..

  • Anonymous

Does this phone have a phone charming slot? I it seems silly but its really important to me, the diffrence between tthis and the 5500 sport. I think I see it on the top-right hand side...

  • Arif Siddiqui

2 Bad Features you didnt mentioned!!

1. Calculator have only EIGHT 8 Digits .........!!!!!!!!

2. Bad Transmission (Weak Signals)

Any Comments....??