Samsung Galaxy S5 Active review: Combat ready

20 June 2014
Second year in a row, as the Northern hemisphere enters the summer season, Samsung releases a rugged version of its incumbent flagship. This time around, it is a rugged version of an already IP certified device, so they went through the roof with...

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  • Beintrinsic

I can't get an s5active in Ontario...😣

  • wendythepoo

Love my s5 active. I test prototype vehicles. I launched my cell phone off the roof of my car doing a wide open throttle. Had to be doing at least 50mph when it flew off the roof. Screen did not crack. Back came off and the little rubber glove I had on it came off and broke the hard plastic portion of the glove but the phone works as it always has nothing wrong with it! Guess I get to buy a new case.

  • Anonymous

I hate s5 active.2 big problems. The buttons stick out too far so it pocket dials. The proximity sensor is poorly located so it doesn't turn the screen off when talking on the phone. It opens many apps while talkung.

  • Anonymous

This phone is pure junk!!!!!!!! Had one week and dropped it less then a foot and it shattered the screen! !!!!!!!!!!! Sent it into get it fixed and had to wait almost two months to get it back!!!!!!!!! Had another four days after getting it back finaly!!!!!!! Dropped it again and shattered the screen again!!!!!!!! The company advertises that it is built like a tank and has gorilla glass. Totally a flaw that they need to fix..........

  • AnonD-475458

Allison, 23 Jul 2014I bought the great Samsung Galaxy s5 Active on June 11, 201... moreI don't want to say anything because it is your phone, your money and your life but I have to ask, why even use a $600 phone in a hot tub to take pics ? Buy a cheap camera (a cheap camera will still take great pics for under $100) and use that.

  • Susana lopez

Having owned Samsung phones for 13 years with amazing quality satisfaction. I was so excited to buy this active phone six month's ago. I didn't get insurance on it because I have never had issues with any other of my Samsung phones. This phone has given me nothing but trouble since I bought it. It erased my picture's with absolutely no way to retrieve them and the back of my phone pops open all the time. I always have to push the back closed it's like it doesn't seal shut. It's a lemon. I can't even buy accessories for it because the at&t store stopped stocking them. Samsung support was very nice and professional but they won't back the product up. I can't upgrade it because it has a defective back that has to be reported. No warranty or suggestions for them to help me feel better. I just have to continue paying monthly on it with a defective back and make sure to back up my picture's all the time so I don't loose them again when the phone decide's to delete my precious pictures again. I will never ever buy or speak well about another Samsung product again. I can't wait to save enough money to become, an apple girl! Samsung unhappiness thanks for making my phone experience so awful!

  • Anonymous

Strong phone. Slamrd it on the cement. As hard as I could. N batt cover poped offf thought it was done for. But it still worked. By far the best phone ive owned

  • Anonymous

Robo, 25 Oct 2014This phone is crap. There is certainly a design flaw. I too... moreSame thing happened to me. Is there any other way to fix it besides sending it in?

  • Anonymous

I had the phone 10 days and theprotectorracked even with The Bodyguards tempered screen protector. But the the screen protector didn't crack or shatter!

  • Cathy

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2014I don't understand how you don't like the Design, i find it... more3 weeks with this new phone and the screen broke yesterday while in my jacket pocket on a run.

Really... back to the store today to see what can be done. I bought the insurance too, just in case but find out there is a 200.00 deductible I have to eat. I don't even want to replace with the same if it is so delicate.

  • Robo

This phone is crap. There is certainly a design flaw. I took it out of my pocket and found that the camera lens cover (glass) was shattered. I called Samsung and sent my brand new, 3 week old phone to a repair center where it would be "repaired for free." I've read that the flaw has caused the screen and read camera lens to shatter as it's a pressure-related issue do to the construction of the phone for its mil spec, waterproof rating.

I was emailed and told that te phone was out of warranty due to camera lens damage. A similar piece of plastic or glass for the previous S5 is $4 on eBay... A $4 part and they want $75 to repair a design flaw as I sit here with a trac phone to run my business while they repair my $700+ phone. This is bs. I wish they would admit the flaw and give me a new phone, or my money back, as I have lost faith in this device and their support system.

  • Shubham Rane

nice mobile

  • Whip lash

Military stile

  • Allison

I bought the great Samsung Galaxy s5 Active on June 11, 2014. I love the features. Crazy about the big display screen. I am an active person, we have a pool, hot tub , boating rain or shine. This is why I purchased the phone advertised by dropping it in a hot tub. On July 4th, 2014, I was taking photos in the pool. The phone was under water 10 seconds and I was not using the phone at the time. Moisture was noticed later in the day. As the night went on, my ACTIVE was no longer ACTIVE.
They don't tell you ATT only has a 14 day return policy on a $600 phone advertised by dropping it in a hot tub. I had to send it in to Samsung and SURPRISE
they said it had water damage and could not be repaired. Said it wasn't worth (even at my expense)
repairing. So if you get one, buy a case! Don't believe the hipe!!!

  • Tony

I got the samsung galaxy s5 active the day a came out and completely fell in love with it. Im a mechanic, my hands are always greasy and im always in outdoors. With any iphone I would last a day but with this samsung it is incredibly strong! I have taken it underwater for long periods of times, filmed underwater, camera is amazing, the heartrate monitor is perfect when exercising you van keep track of it and much more. Definitely one of the bes phones out there! I extremely recommend to everyone!!

  • Jani

Main disadvantages
No OIS in the camera
No fingerprint sensor (Galaxy S5 has it)
No microUSB 3.0 (Galaxy S5 has it)
Rear-mounted mono speaker
Poor video codec support out of box
Design is a bit too cluttered...WTF!!,WHY???. WAKE UP NOW, Samsung!!!.

  • Alien

Humm.. im not a big sammy fan due to the cheap matterials they use, but this one actually cought my eye :)
Though im not into army stuf, id like to see this one in stealth black. It would be awsome!
Too bad its only for the us.. By the time it will hit europe it will be history.. shame..

  • Android Butterfinger

Is this avail in Phil?

  • renzguby

django, 21 Jun 2014Agree.. Aesthetic designs are not samsung's strengthstrongly agree... as a suggestion a digital gray camouflage will at least improve the aesthetics ... see this on the back on the phone:

  • nitin misal

this handset in galexy s5 is hi command handset is samsung ,
fechars is nice,nice look soft using touch screen and most important is coller hanset is verry nice lock then chose of coller of arrmy coller ..
gallexy s5 handset is all both uses is arrmy