LG G3 vs. HTC One (M8): Duel duo

23 June 2014
How do you compare phones that are so different – the LG G3 and HTC One (M8) barely have a common feature between them. It turns out that even different specs can create a similar user...

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  • Hamza Amin Khokhar

LG,s All the devices Are still beast ..
Because I have recently buy LG g3 a 6 years old device with good camera and best processor in just 30$.

  • sandip

HTC M9+ or LG G4 which one should go for ??

  • liz

HRS, 19 Jul 2014Which is better? The 32GB or the 16GB for the LG G3? ThanksGo for 32gig ....personally I haven't had one but I'm pretty sure LG users are very proud to recommend this..so am I..

  • Peled

Snapdragon and 3G RAM on the LG G3. So what? It is still slow.

This smartphone is SLOW. So I don't care what the processor is called, the experience is SLOW. The LG OS is SLOW. Waiting for SMS messages to load, waiting for the home menu to show up, waiting for the wonderful camera to start up and focus, waiting....

HTC's Sense on the otherhand, is probably one of the better Android implementations. Fast, smooth and sophisticated. Appealing both to newbies as well as experienced users.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2014HTC One (M8) because of its Snapdragon 801 processor. If yo... moreThe LG G3 has a Snapdragon 801 processor too.

  • bangman

HRS, 19 Jul 2014Which is better? The 32GB or the 16GB for the LG G3? ThanksLG g3 32 is best,because it offers 3 gp RAM..so,better go for 32 gp

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2014HTC One (M8) because of its Snapdragon 801 processor. If yo... moreThe G3 has a snapdragon 801 too..

  • Clyde

I have an apple iPhone 5s and am planning to buy an andorid phone. I am interested of getting an HTC One M8. However, when I found this artice which made comparison between the HTC One M8 and LG G3, I became confused.

  • deep

AnonD-88274, 24 Jun 2014YEs... and don't forget the sale... help this company (htc)because htc not advertise as much as any other company does . Believes in quietly brilliant strategy

  • Anonymous

darkraver, 25 Jun 2014Are you sure? Looking at comparisons on tube, lg g3 is no... moreIt does not, through my personal experience anyway

  • maqusood

I want to purchase a smart phone which brand is best for all type of use plz sujest me anyone.in this path i dont have much knowledge....

  • slaia

vero, 04 Jul 2014What you ask, exists , it's called G2! best phone on price/... moreJust want to update my comment on LG G2. I bought it but was annoyed with the bugs, therefore I passed it to my wife.

First of all, some apps crushed regularly (one of them is mobileVOIP) and I had to reboot to make them work before they crashed next time. Note: the same apps work fine on my Nexus 5 so it had to do with the Android version on G2.

The second problem: some times the phone behaves erratically when the earphone is plugged in.

One more thing: the anti-entangled earphone is practically useless for me. If it's used while moving/walking the cable produces a lot of noise.

  • Manikanta Veera

TH@t I was using the brand perfectly of HTC and I will surely goes to HTC one m8 ....................@.11!!!

  • vicky

Go for g3

  • Anonymous

LG QuadHD is the real deal. After using it for a week, nothing compares. Not 1080P screen on my mom's Samsung S5 - you will see the difference, in about 1 day. Everything else looks so pixelated and outdated and lack luster shine. From you 27" LED monitor, to your 1080P tablet. You feel like you going backwards or someone like put a diffusion glass over your other screens... it's that obvious.

Those claiming it doesn't matter because they can't make it and sell it as cheaply. IF what they say was true about eyes can't tell after 300DPI, then why does Apple keep increasing their resolution to 400+DPI??

Don't give in to the hype. Though I hoped for a longer batter, but its no slouch. It will last you 5-7 hours heavy usage, which is about an hour less than other manufactures, but considering you are getting much better screen, and you can easily buy one of those high capacity batteries (3800 mah) for less than $10 USD, it will be least of your problems as you can change out instantly.

Also having replaceable battery effectively double/triple the life of your phone... With 4K screen and a 801 processor, and expandable memory to 128GB, you are future proof for the next 10 years - and the camera is one of the best I've ever used ...

Because any incremental increase isn't really worth it to buy a whole new phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2014Which mobile is fast and highly performance,sony z2,iphone ... moreHTC One (M8) because of its Snapdragon 801 processor. If you are looking for a simple experience, go for the iPhone 5S but the HTC One (M8) is the winner for me.

  • big worm

Listening to music along with a longer battery life, HTC makes sense for me! I've used my navigation, listened to music all day on this phone and it lasted two hours longer than my Motorola

  • prasanta

I think LG G3 is the best phon in the year of 2014. so all of my freind just go for G3.

  • Anonymous

Which mobile is fast and highly performance,sony z2,iphone 5s or htc one m8?

  • Chad

Both phones in my opinion look great. I think even if the phone is plastic the brushed metal look is really close to looking like actual metal and the weight of it feels nice. However you cant beat the actual metal of the m8. I have having a difficult time deciding which i want. the camera is incredible on the G3 and has a noticeable difference; however the battery life kills me. I need a phone that will not die before the day ends.