Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 review: Splashing colors

30 June 2014
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is the full-size member of the freshly announced tablet family by Samsung. Like its smaller sibling, the Galaxy Tab S 8.4, the newcomer capitalizes on the world’s only 10.5-inch Super AMOLED screen panel and aims to capture...

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Powerful beast! Multitasking, vibrant display, impressive battery life! I still love it!!!!

  • DR81

i love samsung but the exynos is bad .i wish sam use the tegra k1

  • AnonD-183110

Tired of this... Need a tablet with s pen, 12.2" display which is 2k amoled >

  • T-iLL

dear gsmarena please link tab s review to the specs of the device

  • Johan

is it compatible with s pen?? anyone tried?

  • AnonD-281307

Prefer it if you can put the amoled on a TV please.It is a not needed on a tablet.
The w led used in the 2014 edition tablet with pen are better

  • kirkss

If after all this time we are still at 'apps aren't optimized for it' then what is the point of Android on tablet?

  • AnonD-283860

Once again, Samsung critical weaknesses of Apple products to highlight the strengths of his own

  • Jan

This screen looks really awesome but how it will look after a year with all the colour changes?

  • Jan

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2014"•Android still lags behind iOS in terms of tablet-optimize... moreYes, and after a year Android is extreme laggy. Afters years of using it Ios7 feels so awesome.

  • SoulJahBG

Very nice tablet. :)

  • Greg

They need this screen in the next Nexus 10! Wow!

  • tod

What about benchmarks of LTE version ?

  • boniek

AnonD-190539, 01 Jul 2014Bout time. Great review! Wish it use Snapdragon 800/801 instead ... morelte version uses sd800

  • AnonD-21632

I prefer Note to S series but for this stelllar amoled super high resolution display alone, I want this quite badly. I am going to buy my mom one.

  • AnonD-190539

Bout time. Great review! Wish it use Snapdragon 800/801 instead though. May be my next tablet.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-7043, 01 Jul 2014Super Boring....I thing this is the first amoled in history that is both big and relatively cheap. Since oled screens is the next big thing in screen tech which would last for at least 20 years, this tablet release is probably big news. Bigger than the tablet itself.

Congrats you hit the nail in the head, you found the only Samsung tech that is probably revolutionary and you called it boring...

  • AnonD-52130

A question for the Editor: How come this tablet scored so bad in the syntetic benchmarks if it has the same hardware and screen resolution of the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition (that scored on par with snapdragon 800)?

AnonD-4470, 01 Jul 2014If only Samsung made Windows tablets with amoled...They might be planning that now. You wouldn't know.

  • Danman7200

I prefer onscreen buttons. Particularly more so on a tablet as I switch between portrait landscape often. Also touch whizz, it looks like it was designed for a child. Please polish the ui to make it more attractive. Stock android is by far the best looking