LG G3 vs. Sony Xperia Z2: Distance to impact

07 July 2014
The premium droids are in combat mode and we are making ourselves comfortable to watch another pair fight it out for a place at the top. We’ve seen a few already, the newcomer LG G3 itself involved in a couple...

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  • AnonD-281307

AnonD-207267, 07 Jul 2014super duper hi-res is nothing more than bragging rights. I... moreIf you cannot see the difference between quad hd and full hd on a 5 inch screen at 8 inches or less you need to see an optician

  • AnonD-207990

"Also, it's worth noting that the LG G3 has some serious overheating issues" - This is the most disturbing point for me after going through the entire review.

In LG G3 XDA developers forums, users claimed that this heating as normal as any other phone. With heavy gaming & continuous browsing.

GSMARENA Team, Is this an area of huge concern? Does G3 heats "abnormally" compared to other flagships. Please comment.

  • AnonD-281307

With a Sony z3 coming soon it is not viable to go with the z2 now on a 24 month contract.

LG g3 will be in the pack of future phones with the quad hd screen.If you download quad hd clips from YouTube then you will appreciate quad hd.UHD would be an overkill.

Sony's camera is just pants given the high spec's. A 20mb camera with such a small lense....sorry it doesn't cut it.

  • AnonD-207267

super duper hi-res is nothing more than bragging rights. If you can see the difference between 720 & 1080 on a 5" screen, you must have the eyes of a fly!

  • mortuus

der, 07 Jul 2014oh mah gawhaha poor g3, so weak battery life.. all u noobs wanted super high screen but people forget that battery will not last very long.. let alone playing demanding 3d games.. forget that battery will last long with the high resolution.. better lower res and longer battery life...

  • der

oh mah gaw