Xiaomi Mi 4 review: Dragons forever

23 August 2014
Xiaomi is in no mood to slow down and the Mi 4 is ready to succeed one of the most popular Chinese smartphones, the Mi 3. Riding the new wave of made-in-China flagships, this one is a highly anticipated sequel that has its mind on shaking the market just like its predecessor...

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  • Anonymous

I need the screen of the red mi 4 lte pls.. What should i do

  • Ejike

What did you mean by no user replaceable battery ?


i have this device aboute 1.5 years ago.... i love this phone and in this range is the best

  • Anonymous

Best phone ever

  • Sai

USB otg not support

  • anon

i'm looking at the reviews because the phone is so cheap new right now.
just to comment on the review about the video part.
the 4K video is definitely way better
the 1080p is oversharpened and is not real detail and is just terrible.
the softness mentioned is what the real image quality really is without post processing.
yes, most phone lens are soft.

  • AnonD-605827

The back skin of the phone even gets out.. The metal frames gets easily scratched...

  • AnonD-605827

No doubt this phone has great features, but.. Heating problem of this phone will put it down. It heats up so quickly. While, charging, playing games, video recording, call, browsing net, it even exceeds up 50 degree.. Freaking hot. Sometimes i feel that it will brust.. So only using for music and call. It's fast but heats up even faster.. It can even burn your skin.. I have been using this phone since launched.. But i regret. Buying it seriously... Talked to customer service. They said can't help out of this heating problem.. So I request u all to check it before buying .. It is found online only because of this reason. So we cannot check. And know the heating problem

AnonD-139449, 05 Oct 2016Are you sure? I heard people around complained a lot regard... moreGorilla glass 5 is more vulnerable. You better use a screen protector and stay cool 😎

  • AnonD-139449

sohail shafayat, 27 Mar 2016Mi4 uses Corning Concore (OGS technology) Glass which is as... moreAre you sure? I heard people around complained a lot regarding screen scratches!

  • White Walker

Isn't there card slot and dual sim available in this phone ?

  • AnonD-564800

The mi 4 defintely does NOT record slow motion video at 120fps.

How to calculate your fps of a slow motion video: I've recorded a pebble falling from a table height with the slow motion video recorder (HD resolution), and counted the number of frames of the produced 30fps video (shown in the video properties) it takes to hit the ground. I measured the distance, and calculated the time it took in reality (using a simple physics formula). Calculating the time it took to show the number of frames in the slow motion video, and comparing that to the actual time, it showed that the slow motion video was only twice as slow as reality, which means the 30fps video was recorded at 60fps, and definely not at 120fps as claimed by the manufacturer.
If you are interested in the numbers: 21 frames, falling distance 713mm, calculated time: 0.38126sec, 21 frames of a 30fps video is 21/30=0.7sec , thus roughly twice as long as the actual event. To play back the recorded video at 30fps which shows double the duration, means it had to record the video at 60fps.

  • passerby

I'm pretty disappointed with the build quality of this phone, but everything else in this phone was so superb... downside: screen cracks too easily and unlike other phones, this completely disables the phone.

  • techist

Is enable to LTE ?

  • MANU

Mosam, 01 Aug 2015which phone is batter MI 4 or Mi 4Imi 4 is better than mi4i and mi 4 is very nice

  • nishad

using mi4 64 gb. it's screen is made up with a glass better than gorillla

  • Anonymous

Rohit, 16 Feb 2016It is single sim or dual sim bhai??singal

Mi4 uses Corning Concore (OGS technology) Glass which is as good as Gorilla glasses, rather it's production cost is more than Gorrillas, So don't worry about it. Using a screen protector is always a good idea though.... Corning Concore is more lively, brighter, clearer...

  • Nakul

1.Can I sold my Mi4 !
2.Can I take facility of 4G in Mi4 !

  • Bhawani

Gaurav, 05 Jan 2016Do not buy this phone as everytime it turns off then after ... moreSame problem here bro