Xiaomi Mi Pad 7.9 review: Up-and-comer

27 August 2014
Busy making a name for itself, Xiaomi must be hoping their first ever tablet will get the attention it deserves, following a couple of flagships that had the cheek to challenge the big boys. Just like them, the...

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  • Anonymous

4000 mah. Right ?
6700 vs 4000
which one is right?

  • sid

Polen, 20 Feb 2016Can I install microsoft apps such as Microsoft word in this tablet?already wps office is installed by default in mi tablet so it can handle all types of files that a Microsoft office supports

  • Anonymous

AnonD-243739, 02 Jul 2015Friends plz dnt buy xiomi mi pad. I bought it and suffering wid ... morecome on!! it costs 100 USD only.
I do not need whatsapp on a tab, I do not need contacts on a tab that have no telephone function.
Are you sure you are taking about Mi Pad of Xiaomi??

  • shroff

I don't start dongal in miped teblet PC pls.sent method to startup gongal in my teblet

  • Polen

Can I install microsoft apps such as Microsoft word in this tablet?

  • Dinesh

AnonD-300168, 30 Aug 2014Nice tab. Two things that need improvement. Back cover and LTE v... moreIn my mi tab share it working very slowly,after updated version also....
any one sujjest how to solve

  • AnonD-482044

Nice phone

  • Anonymous

Srinivas, 29 Sep 2015It will better if Gsm sim access is available make it change pho... morenice look

  • Srinivas

It will better if Gsm sim access is available make it change phone calling also

  • mmmm

Can I use dongle for internet?

  • Only1

If only they made the tablet not look like an ipad I would buy straight away. Just makes it look cheap copying it so much. Just have a different looking chasis with the same specs and would be onto a winner.

  • Bantay

My Mipad heats up to 60C inside when playing graphics intensive games, tested in NBA14K, Need for speed, Batman and Dungeon Hunter, this is according to the report read by CPU-Z under the thermal sensors. My setting under the Battery is set to performance. And it just warm at the back but it is tolerable, I think the actual temperature of the cover maybe around 40-45C. I think this is still normal, not experienced yet lagging while closing the game. Please give some feedback of other owners about your experience on this tablet. Thank you.

  • AnonD-243739

Friends plz dnt buy xiomi mi pad. I bought it and suffering wid problems. Camera quality waste. No flash. No sim support. After receiving, in just 3 hrs there is a display problem. No service point in Vij. It doesnt support what's app. We can't del multiple contacts at one. We have to del one by one.

  • Rajesh pandey

Waiting for a tab from xiomi with such configuration and with cellluler connectivity.

  • nemesisbbb

i don't care if its a clone in design or not, im in love with the beastly specs in this price range

  • Erin

XM1, 04 Sep 2014Hello cave dweller, google Xioami Redmi 1S & Redmi Note mode... moreHello cave dweller, do your google again,
Mi Pad battery is non-removable.

Do you know Youtube? check unboxing video there. you can see yourself which battery is not removable.

  • Anonymous

why da heck...when new tablet introduce to market...
people start to jump "This is ipad clone""This is galaxy clone"

Come on ..

  • Anonymous

Which phone that using this chipset, i want one

  • AnonD-302548

First with K1 ?, 29 Aug 2014"This is the first commercially-available device to be powe... morelol that gaming smartphone isn't a tegra k1 mobile. Google it.

  • XM1

Erin, 31 Aug 2014Xiaomi devices always have non-removable battery. Dealbreaker fo... moreHello cave dweller, google Xioami Redmi 1S & Redmi Note models, both have removable 2000mAh & 3100mAh battery respectively.