Sony Xperia M2 Aqua review: Cliff diver

1 September 2014
The Sony Xperia M2 Aqua will give you all the water resistance you need. Thatís more than enough for marketing to work with, but theyíll need to work hard nonetheless. You see, itís otherwise a well familiar package. So, Sony will take you to the water but...

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  • Limestone steve

Bought for £44 as a used item.
Very impressed fluid movement and good battery with okay camera,also good size screen

  • Anonymous

I am pleased to have M2 aqua Sony I bought it last year February I am too skerd to put it in water I want to restore factory reset afraid to do it

  • praba dcse

My Xperia m2 front camera very bad

  • AnonD-420983

Just got the guts (after almost a year) :D and tested my M2 Aqua underwater, surprisingly good pictures!:)

  • zabs

I forget the pattern on my xperia m2, so how do I get a chance 2 reopen it? Because I have tried opening it 4 like 85 times now but still no luck

  • Marty McFly

This is a great phone. Way better than the one I had before. I love that when listening to music, when you turn the volume allerhelst way up, the last one is a bit higher than the second last one. I also love the screen, nice resolution and I can read many things. And it's waterproof, I just love that. Music-wise, nice sound and bass, especially when using headphones, holy cow. It a great phone, I can Tell you that.

It does have its shortcomings. For example, the auto-rotation sometimes glitches. Then I have to turn off the phone.
The keyboard when on the internet sometimes glitches, so I have to close the window, and open a new one.
Sometimes when the phone is in my pocket, it goes bananas, and does all kinds of things. Then I have to use the touch block.
It's small things, but still...

All in all, a great phone. I can definitely recommend it.
I'd give it 7/10

  • Anonymous

i got the xperia m2 aqua at Christmas it was a brilliant phone great battery life the main camera has amazing features but the front face camera is terrible after 2 and a half months I got water inside my phone and it stoped working all together I sent the phone off to Sony and they sent me out a brand new phone without any problem I have the replacement phone now for 3 months and havnt had a single problen since. Any problems with the phone freezing has been rectified and fixed with the recent update.

  • AnonD-265341

I just got this after crushing my z2 by accident. And it's a really good midrange phone. I am positively surprised, especially for the price. Recommended!

  • Dissapointment Sony

I have the M2 aqua for only 3weeks and im so disappointed. firstly the phone freeze all the time, the rotation u have to switch the phone off and on before it works, the camera let me down the most, lets not even get to the front camera, it does not want to charge through pc or wall plug you have too sit and bend wires all the time remember I only have this phone three weeks how would it be in a year or so. I've always loved Sony for its sound, storage and one of the best camera phones but this one let me down.

  • nachi

M2 aqwa front v g a camera.... It's very bad...

  • Jack C

Sony obviously put alot of work into this. Looks good and the camera sounds good overall, sounds great. Its Ä 180 where I am. If your complaining go and try make a phone yourselfs.

  • Annie

Well got this phone 1month ago
Keeps freezing and won't charge properly
Went to 3network who I have my contract with to be told Sony would need to look at the phone and itl take 3days so I will have to be without a fone for 3days!!

  • Don

So ban design

  • AnonD-294887

One thing to know about the oh-so-good-to-have backup app: updating from 4.3 to 4.4.2 then trying to restore the backup greeted me with this: "backup comes from an older version of the program, select a more recent one".

GJ Sony! How am I supposed to make more recent one if the most recent one is already too old!

tl;dr: don't rely on that included backup tool.

  • AnonD-63308

GSMarena, you guys should do the video sample recordings in motion (hold the camera in your hand and move around). That's the better way to see the quality, i.e if the image stabilization work well or if there is jello effect. Nobody records videos on their phone using a tripod. Please.

  • Indian

AnonD-209094, 02 Sep 2014Disappointed with the battery life, the important webbrowsing sc... moreHow much web browsing time u want 20 hrs? Newly Samsung Galaxy Alpha have 8:25 hrs still lower than M2 Aqua and price more than 450 dollars.............

  • AnonD-209094

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2014Battery Endurance rating 76 hrs :) Yeah, because of good standby and talk time, pretty irrelevant for medium to heavy users who need more screen-on time than this one offers.

  • Anonymous

Battery Endurance rating 76 hrs :)

  • AnonD-209094

Disappointed with the battery life, the important webbrowsing score is on the low side. Also, the absence of oleophobic coating is more or less a dealbreaker on a midrange device.

  • what?

AnonD-169727, 01 Sep 2014No 720p display. Mediocre CPU and RAM for the asking price. $hit... more1.Just cause its not 720p doesnt.mean the display is bad it has good contrast.
2.almost every mid range device uses snapdragon 400 the only that doesnt is htc desire 510 and that has both crappy screen and camera!
3.the camera has actually improved of you use conparison tool to compare it to original m2 the ovetsharpening isnt as horrible as the original. has been using interface for a lomg time so why u complaining?its near stock android so if u dont like the interface why u here. Have a good day!