IFA 2014: LG G3 Stylus, Bello, Fino and G Watch R hands-on

4 September 2014
LG couldn't wait for the IFA to kick off and announced its upcoming devices weeks in advance. The affordable LG Bello and Fino, were made official in August, alongside LG G3 Stylus and the G Watch R...

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  • Anonymous

Is there a way to fix the corrupt data in the software or the corrupt software its-self all by my self, cause a technician told me it was a kind of security measure, or that my software is DELETED or corrupt. Please help me i nead feadback fast, since I tried the Support tool and PC Suite butt it dosent work, i think because the drivers or the battery? Someone please help me, this happened as soon as I changed the phone back to its factory settings, and was unable to use it for a month now. I use the L Fino if it helps. Please help me :(

  • Anonymous

my lg d295 lfino..im so disappointed .im use it 4 only..1.6 month.when i dwnload apps always insuficient space..my bat.is good and cam..but after..my lg keyboard dosn,t work..so my dicide to factory reset.. I dont no wht hppened the phone..it so sad..when i reset..my phone was corrup..also the accredited teqnician say the phone part damage.no part available..shit

  • kirito

Im user lg fino i want to ask here about downloading any apps or videos
My problem is if i download a big file.apps.video etc if my internal memory is full my download is stop not efficient of space
This my other question why my download file if not enough space why is not going to sd card directly how can i fix this or im going to lg center to try ask about in this my problem and how to fix it
Pls answer this big credit who those answer this

  • Pranay

My battery low before 10h in my lgg3 stylush what can i do for this problem

  • joseph

As if my lg l fino doesn`t recognise my new sd card. How can i fixed it?

  • THK

Ana80, 22 Jan 2015LG fino..very nice phone. Its not for those who expect the ... moreRegarding to Misc data, install a proper file manager and delete the contents from /sdcard/data folder. Misc data is usually cached data from apps, media and browsers. Backup anything you would like to keep from that folder before deleting.

  • Ana80

LG fino..very nice phone. Its not for those who expect the moon and stars but for me that i wanted a simple and functional smart phone its ok. By the way, its true..the misc folder is taking half of my memory. Maybe I should ask a technician.

  • John M

I have received a LG L Fino for Christmas and it runs like a dream in the main. Only hitch is battery life as on a heavy usage day it struggles to last 24hrs. One other item is the 'misc' file using more than 50% of the internal storage; what's that all about.

  • AnonD-323085

ajit jain, 05 Sep 2014How many G3 copies will they make??????? Beat.stylus.bello.... moreG3 has its market and LG wanna go deep into the middle segment where samsung cemented all........i think its a perfect strategy to chip down samsung...on whole LG flashy and innovating back keys is simply unique and far better than samsung

  • hari

G3 has a good performances & good looking

  • eli

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2014i want to now lg g3 isa great to get it or no Lg g3 is one of the best smart phone,in respect this phone holds the gsm 2014 global mobile sward....impressive quad hd...

  • olk

has excellent cameras even better than s5 and z2. only lumia 1020 camera beats g3's camera

AnonD-26236, 04 Sep 2014After their lame sarcastic poking at Note4 yesterday I was ... moreAgreed. Then again I kinda expected such lameness from LG on the phones part.

The R watch, I like. Still that battery life, ehhh. I'll pass these so called smartwatches for a few years till they get the battery right.

  • Anonymous

i want to now lg g3 isa great to get it or no

  • AnonD-209094

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2014barely better in day shots and quite a bit worse in night s... moreNot entirely true, some reviews has pointed out the very variable results of S5 and that it retains the classic Samsung problem with low quality photos in everything else than perfect light conditions. But yeah, its great when it gets it right.

  • jonni

The best looking smart watch.. Good job for LG.

  • ajit jain

How many G3 copies will they make??????? Beat.stylus.bello.fino. how many......demoralizing the value of G3...poor strategies.....

  • Anonymous

AnonD-88891, 05 Sep 2014what lame designs & a ugly looking watch. I would never... moreguess you are already a fan of other brands, what the point of leaving sarcastic comments here ? were you intended to buy lg's product ?

  • Vucko

Loving the new lg g watch r but what kills me is the battery life :( with these new watches

  • AnonD-88891

what lame designs & a ugly looking watch. I would never buy such an ugly watch when I have much better looking smart watches in the market. and phones are so boring. Disappointed with LG