Sony Ericsson W850 review: A Walkman with a slide

06 November 2006
Sony Ericsson W850 is the next Walkman phone, but this time it comes in the slider form factor. It boasts a large display with QVGA resolution, full 3G capabilities with video calls, a 2 megapixel camera and the latest Walkman 2.0 music player. Itís an expensive mobile to start with but hopes are that itís got more than needed to become a bestseller.

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  • Mac D

Right, i've had this phone and fought for this phone in my family (long story). the phone is good; very good. . . but i have two problmes which could have resulted from it being used too much(i think :P): they are:
1) the second photo key (you know the two keys on either side of the ear speaker and the camera; at the top corners of the phone when it's slided down and looked at straight; directly untop of the tft screen) doesn't work and i want to know how to fix it . . .
2) the camera, when video calling doesn't work . . . (i.e. it shows lines - pink likes and scratches of the actual image that's supposed to be displayed) how do i fix both/ either of the problems associated with the phone??

  • replier

aspa, 25 May 2010please help me!! it's urgent!!!i think the flex cable of the fone is damaged, we have the same problem, if you slide it down the LCD goes white. So i changed the flex cost me about P1000.00. and no its woring perfectly fine

  • sunil kumar

can i get the battier of this phone model no-w850i please if u find it send message to me, my no is 8121116025 i need orginal one

  • aspa

please help me!!
it's urgent!!!

  • aspa

why my w850 when slide up no light on LCD??
i think the slider magnet..yes or not??


the mobile has the problems, it shows the white display and not working

  • nv28

can ny1 tell me how to activate slide to answer in this phone?I have to tryin ,but culdnt.I m not sure whether the w850i has dis fuction,so pls help me out if nyone knows.Thanks.

  • Kartik

What is the cost of Sony Ericsson W850i Cost?

  • ammik

i've used the phone for more then a year. its very nice and never get bored with it. very user friendly. love the 3G and the mp3 is the great. texting using this phone i would say just average. its not as fast as nokia but u'll get used to it later. over all, i love this phone. i've used it for 1 1/2 year now.

  • SNOW

bloody, 10 May 2007does anybody know what's the difference between W850 and W830? i... moreExchangeable covers!!

  • xcv


Where's the LIGHT function? i have the latest software and there's no such function arrrr

  • Anonymous

Hi...I have been using this set W850i for about one year to be very honest I have faced no problem what so ever till now. I bought this set for about 350 US$ but now its cost has gone down to 280 US$. Every phone has got some features or advantages and some disadvantages. The best part of W850i is that of its battery time is quite sufficient although I make and receive numbers of calls but even then this set W850i runs for about 2 to 3 days.W850i has got number of advantages like full 3G capabilities with video calls, high quality 2 mega pixel camera, 3G support with video calls, Great MP3 player and FM radio with RDS, excellent Multi-tasking support, Track ID music service, whereas its disadvantages includes no camera auto focus, records video in the inadequate QCIF (176 x 144 pixels) resolution only, average loudspeakers sound. Well to you folks I would recommend this set to buy as I am still using it and have no interests in changing this phone that soon.

  • =]

I want a white 1 and were can i buy 1

  • kaka90

hi billu...
i think i can help you solve your problem.....
hmm..firstly, go to your camera mode..
next, press setting button..
then,choose 'save to' option..
change to memory stick...
ok...that's all....

  • dogcraze

i amgoing to get my walkman slider this week and i just cant want to titi heard it is like the best phone in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

plerse any on help me which is better w850 or k810 or n73

  • sam

i decide to buy w850,w580,s500
any 1 can tell we which 1 is better ler?

  • sans

There is very little difference between the K800 and the W850 as said in the review. As for the Samsung D900, well it's a bit cheap, IMO, so I won't delve much into it.

Body Design
Body design-wise, I prefer W850 over K800. The slider keeps the buttons from getting damaged, but be tender with the navi-key as there are comments about the plate cracking. And mind you, the navi-key of W850 takes a little time getting used to. Whereas the joystick of K800 is easier to use, though easier to destroy. The black K810 is a fingerprint magnet, while the black W850 is matte and not. The white W850 is elegant and an eye-catcher, so dare to be different and get the white w850 in case you're getting a w850.

Don't expect much from W850's 2MP. SE decided to tag a high price on this one and yet strip the AF, while look at its predecessor W810... But mind you, W850's camera is good on its own. Nonetheless, K800/K810 wins here. Worlds of difference here and you just can't compare a 3.2MP camera with AF with a 2MP without AF.

Music Player
W850 ships in with good earphones and a 1GB Pro Duo card (commonly). While K800/K810 gives you mediocre earphones and a crappy 64MB card (in K800's case). While 1GB is hard to fill up, everyone needs a little extra space. Very little differences here, actually, W850 has a better interface, thanks to the Walkman player V2.0. Shall you choose to buy Walkman earphones for your K800/k810, the difference in sound output will be very minor. The lack of Mega Bass Equalizer doesn't actually hurt K800/K810.

Get a K800, and if you have extra cash, K810. Then spend on some memory card to buy either a 512MB card or anything higher and Walkman earphones. That way you have a music player and a cybershot phone.

But of course, you can choose to be maverick and stylish with W850, thing is, you'd miss on the Cybershot camera.

  • Bob Cork


I have been targeting this phone- the W850i for a while now.
I would like to know which phone is the best 1 and most recommended on design and features- Samsung D900i, Sony Ericsson K800i/K810i, Sony Ericsson W850i or Sony Ericsson W710i please.


  • Anonymous

Im looking at either the LG shine or the Sony Ericson w850i. Which phone is better and why?