Apple iPhone 6 review: Scaled to order

26 September 2014
This is Apple like we’ve never seen before. Apple like we never thought we’ll see. To begin with, there’s supposed to be no better iPhone than the iPhone 6. That’s the sort of thing you’d expect of Apple. Come September every year, the world grabs a bag of...

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  • AnonD-246723

The disadvantage list is getting longer and longer when rival add more function to their new phone .

  • note 4 note

alexv, 27 Sep 2014i love the objectivity of gsmarena. no other smartphone site is ... moreHave to agree. The most objective review on the net. Every other reviewer is going gaga over this phone and I fail to understand why.

  • Anonymous

This is why GSMarena is my favorite smartphone review website. No bs, Honest and in-depth. Not the usual Apple cultists you see everywhere else. Can't tell you how many articles I've read about the iPhone with words like "Amazing," "Revolutionize," "Legend"...If it's good you'll get a good review. If not, well, tough luck...even if you're apple.

  • AnonD-246723

I skipped the camera part review and straight to compare tools . iphone 6 shows minor improvement over 5s .

  • AnonD-258333

Good to see a honest review of this phone.
all the other sites must be paid off by apple for better reviews.
good job gsmarena keep up this good work

  • AnonD-263433

... after feeling the iPhone pair, the phone is OK, the 6+ is a total embarrassment for Apple

would not waste cash on a monster like that.


i love the objectivity of gsmarena. no other smartphone site is being so harsh on apple (probably because they are paid by them).

  • yeah i said it

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2014Can't believe I sheep still defend this phone with a list of dis... moreWell said

  • Dave Granger

The worst thing about the protruding camera is that it could have been so easily avoided if they'd just put a decent sized battery in the thing.

  • Anonymous

Can't believe I sheep still defend this phone with a list of disadvantages like that and the iBanana build quality.

I believe apple is putting. Permament skinpenetrable drugs on its sold millions in a couple of days for the most highest price out there
Except the SoC what did they get for it?
Exactly the same phone, with almost exactly the same OS...

No wonder apple products produce so much trolls....
It is incoprehendable to us why these zombies stay in lines to buy this toaster, most expensive toaster...and for 4 insane days...
It is an insult to intelligence...the only reasonable reason why..

  • AnonD-276978

That disadvantage list.

  • AnonD-263433

.. just had a feel for the iPhone pair in the shop. Another customer talked to her husband about the iPhone 6. She imagined it to be a lot bigger but glad it did not stand up to her imagination. She actually said, she liked it.
Me being me said hello, took my Note 3 out and let her compare sizes. To her utter surprise, the note 3 quite a bit snaller

  • Anonymous

iPhone is beautiful, clever, sleek and amazing.

  • Mr..fuuu!

This is what im talking about, there are a lot list of disadvantage things. Tsk Tsk!

  • AnonD-312696

I fell of my chair when I saw the list of disadvantages :O

  • AnonD-78526

iPhone everytime you can't win over your iOS and eco-system.
Believe me, this time you have failed to deliver next iteration of well known iPHONE. I was expecting FHD screen at 4.7" screen along with IP67 certification. I am not going into ram and processor, since I also believe in optimized OS of yours, but this time you should have increased screen resolution, a good resolution camera(with plenty of details) and water resistant body. Now going to buy Z3C after your iFailed bending device.

  • Mark

Its amazing! apple has all these resources, the countless knowledgeable experts, the technology, the capability, the time, the labs, the factories, the money.. everything! and yet produce a piece of crap like this.

  • simonh

the list of disadvantages is longer than key features next year one item will be taken off the disadvantage list and added to key features and that will be another £650 please...people should stop buying apple products until they hit 2013 specs at least,otherwise bend over and prepared to get screwed...

  • AnonD-221839

Boring and nothing new. Apple are failing and this phone is like a 2012 phone. Loosing to the Korean co's Sad, but it was bound to happen.