Apple iPhone 6 review: Scaled to order

26 September 2014
This is Apple like we’ve never seen before. Apple like we never thought we’ll see. To begin with, there’s supposed to be no better iPhone than the iPhone 6. That’s the sort of thing you’d expect of Apple. Come September every year, the world grabs a bag of...

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After using iPhone6 for 1 year I was frustrated due to low call volume issue and the screen got grey lines with touch problem. Service center was charging Rs.3000 just to check the phone. Also they told that Apple will not repair it and will charge the price of a new phone. I asked them how did the screen get grey lines, they told might be it was pressed in the pocket. My advice would be don't buy this delicate shit product with manufacturing defects. It is not at all durable for such a high price.

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    • Kannan
    • XSw
    • 25 Aug 2018

    I am plan to buy i phone 6 reply for ur valuable suggestion

      • D
      • Doreen
      • Nug
      • 27 Jul 2018

      pls what's d actual storage capacity of d phone

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        • shahbaz
        • KI2
        • 01 Jul 2018

        can i upgrade iphone 6 for 3D touch that is available in iphone 6s ???

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          • Anonymous
          • LxV
          • 17 May 2018

          Does the iPhone 6 works in el Salvador.

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            • The_only_gorgeous
            • sxs
            • 21 Apr 2018

            Rose, 02 Mar 2018How to create a iphone id? ThanksApple ID

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              • Aniel
              • Sbc
              • 07 Mar 2018

              My iPhone 6

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                • Rose
                • IW@
                • 02 Mar 2018

                How to create a iphone id? Thanks

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                  • KZ8
                  • 29 Dec 2017

                  is it worth it buying and using this phone in 2018?

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                    • Dg
                    • fCZ
                    • 16 Nov 2017

                    I too am unhappy with iPhone 6 128GB.

                    I bought this phone from Singapore in 2015. Started using in India. Heating problem was there. Off late it is started to hang frequently. Not heard of and the only reason why I shifted from Anorid & Blackberry. I have formatted so many times but still no good.

                    Now I am in two mind do I upgrade to iphoneX or shift to Google phone.


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                      • dan
                      • vxX
                      • 22 Sep 2017

                      rama, 20 Jun 2017i am using i6 for about a year. the phone goes blank sudden... moreturn off the phone, and long press the button circle and the power.

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                        • rama
                        • gm9
                        • 20 Jun 2017

                        i am using i6 for about a year. the phone goes blank suddenly even when the battery is charged. it takes long hours before it starts again.

                        anyone knows why it happens.

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                          • AnonD-678121
                          • tuf
                          • 18 Jun 2017


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                            • Anonymous
                            • tYW
                            • 31 May 2017

                            Working for me very good ... previously had iPhone 5s 16 gb.. and 16 gnite was the main negative thing abt that phone. Was left with only 2gb .. then I bought iPhone 6 64 gb.. m satisfied with the phone ., m not a gamer , hardly change the wallpaper or the ringtone of my phn.. fond of photos and music .. it serves me completely specially as we cn. Use share it with apple now

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                              • Cc
                              • q8g
                              • 25 May 2017

                              Son had a iPhone 6 and screen doesn't work . The apple store couldn't even fix it told him to buy a new phone.The phone only year old and he had it in good case also. Wish apple would stand by their product

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                                • CPC
                                • 9LA
                                • 30 Apr 2017

                                Brittney, 26 Nov 2016It seems like this phone was designed to be extra breakable... moreYou are right

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                                  • Mohsin
                                  • 95d
                                  • 21 Feb 2017

                                  I like this phon but price is to much I love this shape

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 3SL
                                    • 11 Feb 2017

                                    AnonD-590476, 28 Sep 2016I want to purchase a new phne which one would be bettr i6 X... moreiPhone 6

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                                      • AnonD-627327
                                      • 7kh
                                      • 04 Jan 2017

                                      Picture clarity very poor when compared to a phone less than its price 🤔

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                                        • Brittney
                                        • 4Kd
                                        • 26 Nov 2016

                                        It seems like this phone was designed to be extra breakable!. I've only had it for about 3 months now and the phone is starting to bend causing the screen to separate from the phone! Also, it became completely shattered (shards of glass were sticking out horizontally from my phone) when I dropped it from two feet from the ground a week or so ago. Also, when I first opened the box it practically hopped out and onto the floor (luckily it was carpet). The phone has great apps and allows me to do everything I need, but I have a very strong feeling it won't last me until the end of my contract. Next time I am definitely going to look at my other options besides Apple.

                                        A nice case is an absolute must for this phone! I don't recommend buying it without one, not even for a little bit.