Xiaomi Redmi Note review: Warning note

2 October 2014
The Redmi Note is Xiaomi's first phablet based on the solid Redmi 1S, which learnt from the Moto X and tried to repeat its success. We cannot think of a better example to follow in terms of sales potential and, with the right touches, the phablet can hope of a similarly warm reception...

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First batch generation of Xiaomi phones were the best. I bought 8 lite and it worked perfectly 4gb 64gb. Thinking of upgrading to redmi 9S, it's just one hell I have gone through. I have complained to the customer care, and no help seems to be coming thru after staying with it for a week. Not the issue has hit back again. Never again. I am a dissapointed Xiaomi phone user. Nkt

  • Gaurav

Very bad quality
I request to all of u plz don't buy any MI mobile
It reduce net speed after few days.
An also having very poor net speed.
So never buy any MI mobile.

  • dheeraj4182

Hell friends,

If you have purchased mi phones and planning for MI protection plan for better security of your handset then please stop. dont waste your money.

They have end number of reasons to reject your claims. even if you purchased insurance you will not get anything due to their hidden policies.

These protection polices are scam and waste of your money. They are not willing to help you once they the money.

MI protection plan is totally fraud policy to thept money from your pocket.

I will recommend dont waste your money. I recently faced very bad experienced from MI staff.

  • Redmi User

Buyer beware
This phone corrupts your contact data . Xiaomi Accepts the defect but cannot correct the corrupted data .

  • Anonymous

Tejinder Pal Singh Sethi wrote:
I bought & recieved a Redmi 3S Prime on 10 Oct-16 everything was working fine till 24 Dec. On 25 Dec morning I was recieving whatsup messages but I could not open them & even I could not pick any incoming calls. After resrarting the power the problem was not solved & display was not working, being Sunday on 25-Dec, I approached service centre on 26-Dec, they told me that software updation was required but after sometime they told me that display was not working due to moisture inside which damage the board & display asking to pay Rs 7200 for its repair. I asked them there was no any damage or dent and even no any water mist but they could not answered. I asked them if board was damaged how it is possible to recieving notifications of whatsup, mails & miss calls but they could not gave proper reply & were unable to resolve & diagnose what the issue is just simply saying that it is out of warranty while it is in warranty period & when I refused to pay Rs 7200/ for its repair & even they charged me Rs 180 as a Inspection charges & then they handover me my faulty handset. This is ridiculous & cheating the customer without resolving the issue in warranty period. I cannot expect such type of drama from Redmi......
It is requested to resolve my issue at the earliest.

  • nenet

I can't open it after I off it.

  • Sunil

Red mi note rear camera performance is very poor also it doesnt have night mode.
Its 13 MP but it looks like 5 MP.
I had compare near qbout 7 model but all have same problem, initialy it Performed nicely but after one and half year dull clearity.

  • Ritz

I have redmi note 3 and its d worst phone i have ever seen...wifi turns off automatically ,does not connect to invisible network ,xender is not workimg cant able to send file through xender. After updating also i am facing lots issue in this phone.please fix it soon and bring good update version

  • Anonymous

My Mobile also heating when i watching videos and also put the charging

  • AnonD-466571

I have bought the phone one month ago, now i got a problem of phone charging... That is phone is not getting charge... Give Me the region for that.....

  • Nick

Y.... Tell Me region
I am the person who buyed u r product
Then ur responsibility to give the region...

  • Nick

I have bought the phone one month ago... Now i have a problem of phone charging... That is phone is not getting charge.... Plz tell Me the region y it is...

  • nk

How to remove the icons that are being notified in a tab of notification area?? Not the toggles tab but the other tab. How to remove them??

  • jp

Redmi note I was using since 7 months, I kept airtel 4g sim from then pH was not working

  • anny

chirag, 22 Jan 2015No doubt a too good phone at this price just a minor prob i... moreIf u have applied screen guard to your phones screen ....make sure that guard is orignal coz ..it covers the sensor due to which u r facing this problem

  • Anonymous

I want to update my note 4g dual sim but i cant update because it's show error on booting time when i update manually and the phone is note upate and plz say me how upgrade it to lolypop version my phone have a jealybean version.

  • Ajit Kumar

How can i use free messaging in my redmi note 4g to other redmi users.

  • saheb

Iam using this phone for last six mont & working fine. But recently the phone is not chrging with the charger after the use of portable mobile charger. Pl help me how it can be resolved.

  • Anu lowanshi

AnonD-342201, 16 Dec 2014low price rich look Please help me frnds coz i want sell a cell but i'm not clearing that which mobile is perfect,thatswhy plz

  • Anonymous

very nice mobile