Asus Memo Pad 7 ME176C review: Assembly line

6 October 2014
Of all the emerging Asian smart device manufacturers, Asus has easily one of the most diverse portfolios of devices around. From PadFone to Fonepad to Transformer Pad, the Taiwanese manufacturer provides a tablet for every market...

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  • Anonymous

deeeler, 06 Oct 2014Antutu score?34k antutu.

  • AnonD-316256

I have tried the 8" model and returned it since I found out that some apps are not Intel compatible (such as Kinemaster) others crash (GooglePhotos editor for instance) Nice tablet otherwise

  • deeeler

Antutu score?

The Huawei Honor X1 phablet is the best combination of size, battery, performance and price.

  • arun chavan

very very nice phoen