HTC Butterfly 2 review: Caterpillar

7 October 2014
The Butterfly series may not be the bread winner for HTC but has proven to be among the most resourceful in the family. The HTC Butterfly 2 has a good foundation to build on: a solid screen, the trademark stereo speakers and HTC Sense 6...

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  • Elia

2 month with my butterfly 2 and no prob
Just amazing device

  • Anonymous

I like this device and waiting to be available in my country

  • Connor

AnonD-314503, 10 Oct 2014As if everyday is concert and festival. Unless you are arti... moreOr if you like music and have it playing to get up in the mornings.. Or with your friends. It's a huge feature for me. Especially when you output your music to a Boombox and it's louder then using an ipod. It's nice.

  • AnonD-1034

What is this?
All now htc phones will be a waterproof?

Its clearly htc want to follow sony..
Or might say htc a copycut of sony..
What a shame htc

  • MDSY

Htc Butterfly 2 Good Phone And Nice Design But Sony Xperia Z3 Better Than Htc Butterfly 2

  • tamim

i like this phone

  • Anonymous

This should be available worldwide

  • AnonD-314503

Connor, 09 Oct 2014I don't really think this feature applies to you, I use the... moreAs if everyday is concert and festival. Unless you are artists' run errand. Yes, its and edge but not a killing feature.

  • AnonD-314503

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2014Excellent device with best htc camera Best for htc standard only.

  • AnonD-196881

dahauns, 08 Oct 2014Guys. No 4K Video as a downside? Seriously? 4K recording is just an advertising in this many people have 4K tv?and if htc makes it 4K recording phone,then have to makes display with 4K quality and needs more battery and .... !
now sony has 4K recording phones and z2 gets hot,warm and restart if records some minutes!!!!!!!! in addition if you record 4K with sony,can't enjoy in phone display and playback because z2 and z3 have FHD display.

  • Connor

AnonD-314503, 07 Oct 2014Very nice feature indeed from htc phones, making listener d... moreI don't really think this feature applies to you, I use the BoomSound feature with my phone all the time because I'm hard of hearing from all the concerts and festivals I have visited, it helps me out hugely considering my iPod can't reach the levels that my HTC sends out. I think it is a plus and you can always turn it down. You are missing the benefit from this feature because it might not be for you.. Not something you should weigh in on.

  • fez

y copy from sony water proof..Please try to bring sumting different sumting that will make us want to buy the phone coz now you just doing photo copies...boring

  • dahauns

Guys. No 4K Video as a downside? Seriously?

  • Anonymous

Excellent device with best htc camera

  • postingin321

awesome review just one complaint in camera test why you guys always show images in bright light and not in low light condition

  • AnonD-182297

camera quality just okay and display+design are not good.....
hope that htc eye will be superb phone

  • Siphiwe

Those bezels though, so ancient. And the speakers, they don't look good to me hey. I personally think that this handset is ugly.... lets wait for HTC Eye

  • AnonD-164150

Why the hell gsmarena never posts samples from front facing cameras?! Seriously, what does it takes?!

  • Anonymous

raising the volume if the device senses it's in a pocket.

  • Anonymous

Verily V, 07 Oct 2014The bezel width is just keep growing and growing. Previous... morebutterfly 2 is j butterfly dear...