Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review: Four of a kind

10 October 2014
From an oddball that everyone was laughing at to becoming one of the most important Samsung announcement of the year – the Note series got to a place where now everyone else wants to be in too, including Apple...

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  • Anonymous

Don't order no phone from these people there tell you one thing and it the next look for someplace better

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2020Battery very weak 6 year old phone, bad battery, wow what a surprise

  • Anonymous

Battery very weak

  • Foxy

Had this phone since it came out ... it still holds up to this day! very good phone for its time! do not regret :)

Only thing that might be an issue to some is it's weight, really heavy phone, but i dont mind

  • Mega Grand

is it safe to replace the original battery with an OEM battery with a capacity of 3000mah

  • Anonymous

Zengir, 02 Mar 2020Is note 4 smooth to play ragnarok mobile game...Yes

  • Reuben

what about gprs

  • Zengir

Is note 4 smooth to play ragnarok mobile game...

  • Wiwidj

Don F., 12 Apr 2018Great phone! In 2018 the Galaxy Note 4 still rocks solidly!... moreTotally agree, here in Indonesia spares are many and cheap Note 4 is always in a good shape ...very satisfy with it

  • You know who

Samson chikamma, 28 Dec 2019My Samsung galaxy note 4 is hanging too much what can I do ... moreClear up you ram and delete any unused crapy applications

  • Samson chikamma

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2019Samsung Galaxy Note 4My Samsung galaxy note 4 is hanging too much what can I do please?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2019Why may note4 is poor signal. Even my data. :(Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  • Anonymous

Why may note4 is poor signal.
Even my data. :(

  • Anonymous

Batman, 10 Oct 2014Love the review, hope to buy one for holidays... Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  • Anonymous

I have had my note 4 for over 2 years now, bought it used from a guy when my original note 4 literally went in the toilet and died. Very happy with it. I changed to a bigger after market battery pack that I bought on Amazon 7500 mah. Work fine and no need to upgrade. Camera takes great picture, use it for some games at break. Bought it used for 300 Canadian dollars, it owes me nothing. Still have original back cover and batteries. Not buying another phone unless it has a removable battery ,so I can carry extra batteries when travelling. Eventually maybe in a couple of years I might get another phone.
But curved screens like on my work phone Galaxy S8 I do not care for. I do not like the long and narrow phones. The note 4 has the perfect screen size. Like the stylus especially when navigating web pages on the phone, as I have big fingers. Probably will go for a Caterpillar work phone or military spec tough phone with huge battery if I can not get a battery removable phone in the future or the cheapest (maybe used) throwaway phone on the market as I not paying a thousand dollars for a phone that you can not easily replace the battery when it goes. Unless they give you a battery warranty for no charge battery change for 5 to 6 years after you buy the phone.

The best note who Samsung launched

  • Abdullah Pro

Vinoth, 03 Jan 2019Led light got ?Yup it has led notification light

  • Vinoth

Led light got ?

roninscholar, 29 Oct 2018Apparently you are one of the few. I have been using this p... moreAnd i Used about 30 month..2 times change the new baterry.

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2017This phone has many problems. Many. For the price we are no... moreApparently you are one of the few. I have been using this phone for 44 months and I love it. Yeah occasionally the battery gets warm while charging, it has never been a problem...44 months...