Motorola KRZR K1 review: It's all about the looks

11 Nov 2006
Motorola has launched a new leader. The popular RAZR is being substituted by the new KRZR, whose glossy materials look luxurious. On the other hand, the innovations made since the forerunner are very few. Is this wrong? Not at all, provided all you need is a new pretty toy.

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AnonD-754891, 26 Apr 2018i want buy this mobileyou can buy from ebay

  • AnonD-754891

i want buy this mobile

  • Dawn

I have forgotten my unlock code what are my options can't access or use my phn pls advise

  • Stevo

alexaa, 28 Feb 2008ohh, also the front screen does NOT always break easily. I drop... moreWhat are you talking about! The front glass screen breaks super easy, even dropping 2 feet onto concrete. I have broken 4 screens either from dropping it or breaking in pocket. Very annoying problem!

  • McD

can this phone put in 4GB?

  • kawser neazi

my headset of motokrzr k1 does not work properly,sounds seems too low when i put on that ear piece? can u help me

  • Anonymous

d s,mflml;f, 14 Apr 2008How do you download your pictures from your krz phone from the u... moreI have just ordered this phone myself so do not know thee phone but it would have to be either does it come with a cd if it does then there would be a program on there that would help you with that and if not install your usb cable and your pc should be able to openup your device so you can put pic from pc to phone. i would think. hope this helps


  • d s,mflml;f

How do you download your pictures from your krz phone from the usb cord to the computer

  • szez

gonna get this phone in GOLD!! Real Cool

  • alexaa

ohh, also the front screen does NOT always break easily.
I drop it all the time and nothing happens to it.
I've dropped my phone out the window of a 2-story house.
it's fine. get a case if you're afraid that it will break.

  • sabrina

i have the krzr k1 in silver for t-mobile.
to start off, t-mobile uber sucks. You don't get service anywhere. For instance, at school i don't get service. Even if there are windows in the room. I also don't get service on the bus when I'm inside my neighborhood. lol.
Go for verizon or at&t. they're deffinetly the best phone services out there.
for this phone, the battery is terrible, i text and call and take pictures a lot and the low battery power doesn't help at all.
I end up having to charge it 2-3 times a day.
It is very attractive in design. For the people who keep talking about how it catches dust, fingerprints, and smudges, you can put a silicone cover on it so that doesn't happen. Plus the covers come in many different colors so if you buy a few, you can have a different shade for all of your moods lol.
Well anyway, i would suggest not to get this phone unless you would like to carry your charger around with you everywhere
but it's totally and completly up to you.
well;; laterr =DD

  • Anonymous

Dont buy this phone. The front glass screen breaks very easy and it is very cheap and has a poor design. T--

  • Anonymous

This phone has so much battery problems. Don't buy it, its a bad buy

  • Anonymous

how to put the memory card

  • Anonymous

Love this phone,hope to get one in pink

  • swa

hai guys i am d owner of k1
the only disadvantage is it gets scratched more quickly...
i spend most of my time cleaning finger prints boring job..

  • may b Atsh

yup waza motorola can be full screen videos by pressing # or * say thnx for the information :D:D

  • SmartAnbu

The design is good but s/w very bad. the deigital audio player is not userfriendly operation. The motorola could improve to provide s/w like in Nokia phones.

Another problem, while roaming the digital clock time changed automatically. I have to re-set the time on everyday if i away from home network.

  • jesse

can motorola krzr k1 full screen a video???
please help me with this

  • Anonymous­xe