HTC One (M8) for Windows review: Tinker, Tailor

20 October 2014
What if you could pick a phone and then choose its operating system? What if you could get a popular flagship such as the HTC One (M8) and replace the Android OS with Windows Phone? Wonder no more - meet the HTC One (M8) for Windows - the only smartphone giving you the choice!

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  • lisaab

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  • ali baba

Hmm. Simply no comment. Did u say u can replace its OS.

  • ali baba

Hmm. Simply no comment. Did u say u can replace its OS.

  • AnonD-335702

windows sucks, 08 Nov 2014I've bought the htc 8x one year ago, was the flagship windows ph... morewell i use 8x and my version is: Windows Phone 8.1 Update ver. 8.10.14203.306

so maybe you should check better next time instead of posting nonsense?

  • AnonD-334249

Yes, you can edit wrong numbers, add prefixes, etc. I've done that MANY times.

  • Virani

I'm a SATISFIED Nokia lumia 925 user since a year. Only one complaint. Nokia heats up....And not just a figure of speech. It actually literally HEATS UP.
I'm using m8 (android) for a week now. Love the handset.....but hate the OS (no offence to android). Contemplating whether to move to lumia 930 or m8 for wp.
Checked lumia 930 and noted the same problem of heating up like in 925.
M8 (android version) does not heat up at all.
Don't know the reason for heating up in lumias. Maybe hardwear related or maybe software related.
Can any m8 wp user advise if the set heats up on wp os on extensive use or not. M8 for wp is not available in pakistan. If I hear a positive reply, I will get an unlocked set from abroad.
Therefore, would request an honest opinion/feedback.

  • windows sucks

I've bought the htc 8x one year ago, was the flagship windows phone from HTC and was looking better than the nokia lumia's. But I'm very dissapoinetd because 8x is a great phone but I haven't received the windows phone 8.1 update, and probably never will. I was a fan of Microsoft, I used windows mobile 2003, 5.0, 6.0, 6.5, 7 and now 8 on my htc 8x. They always disappointed me, Microsoft always promised that the next windows platform will be a revelation, and all the windows phones will receive the latest updates because of the hardware requirments for all producers, but my htc 8x isn't receiving windows phone 8.1, and it's last year flagship. So after being fooled by Microsoft for so many years I will never buy another windows product and never a htc who can't update it's flagship!

  • Anonymous

As a Lumia user wp 8.1 is no faster than android (any android with 1GB ram) but it is smoother...

  • AnonD-315435

Windows User :(, 21 Oct 2014I have this phone, and I tell you it's amazing. But all my frien... moreImmediately download YouTube video downloader from store and tease them hey you don't have your own YouTube downloader and laugh on them.
2) show peopleshub and tell them how you see all twitter,fb at one place,
3) tease them how you can pin individual person separate and do message,twitter,facebook,Skype all linked to it.
4) take ur wp users contact numbers and create group in people hub and invite them.( this is exclusive for only for WP users). Here you can share photos,notes, photos, and even chat with them.

  • AnonD-299124

As an iphone 6 user, this is the only phone I will look as if I wanted a second device. Absolutely beautiful hardware and OS.

  • mememem

a brick in your pocket. :)

company phones are the way...too bad the procedures are not paying attention to them.

  • sez

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2014Htc is better than nokia good one m8 :) first off, Nokia no longer builds mobile devices. second on, the history of Nokia begins somewhere around 1900 while teen HTC was established in 1997. just because you are not up to date with the facts, that doesn't mean Nokia did not build quality devices.
as the guy you replied to said, if anybody should be interested in Windows Phone, they would be better looking at Nokia and the simple answer is that those devices will receive most frequent and most particular software support :)

Nokia rulez :>

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2014If you like Windows then there is no reason at all to buy anythi... moreHtc is better than nokia

  • Striker

If it had the 20MP Pureview from 930, this would be the greatest phone!

  • Anonymous

If you like Windows then there is no reason at all to buy anything else than Microsofts Lumia!

  • Anonymous

Great with dual boot why not

  • Gibby

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2014Still can't get past the ugliness of windows tiles (imho) ... yeah - me too :S
What great camera phone...

  • AnonD-89789

so we wil see windows phone soon on the htc one m8 in dualboot? that would be cool, it wont be hard. just copie pasted and make a dualboot work and voila. 2different operating systems jaaahaha

  • Anoobis

US only?

  • TheTomtomPiper

Given the benchmarks, will this finally put to rest the claim that Windows phone OS leaner and faster than Android?