HTC Nexus 9 review: Game on

3 November 2014
The Google Nexus 9 will be curiously gazed upon by both Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 owners, as HTC gets back on the roster to take over from Asus and Samsung. The 8.9” beauty is a return for HTC to both the Nexus family and the tablet realm in general...

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  • Anonymous

The worst tablet on earth. Slow performance crashes can’t handle software
Warning do not buy ever.

  • irfan

Does it support voice calling

Very much disappointing news about video format support.

Only up to high profile @ level 5 of h264 is supported. High 10 profile support is broken and HEVC is not supported at all.

  • sgodsell

AnonD-237742, 05 Nov 2014Blah, blah, blah, resolution, blah, aspect ratio, blah... ... moreUsb OTG is fully supported

  • AnonD-328513

Can you make phone calls and use SMS services with the LTE version or has this been neutered like most tablets?

  • jreg

well..i'm happy with my lg g pad 8.3..

  • Anonymous

eshantorres, 05 Nov 2014Its still not an iPad :-/ So what ?

  • Anonymous

elmarra, 04 Nov 2014i don't know why the benchmark performance test doesn't inc... moreMaybe because GSMARENA haven't released the iPad Air 2 Review yet.

  • AnonD-237742

Blah, blah, blah, resolution, blah, aspect ratio, blah...

Can anyone confirm if this tab supports OTG so I can plug in a USB stick to access more GBs? If you can please list the stick you're using.
Also if you have any other experience connecting other devices by OTG then please chime in.


AnonD-278523, 05 Nov 2014Yeah it is.. you can control the game much better, with 2handsYeah, that would be probably some applefan distorted logic...

You get more viewscreen with 16:9, 16:10, among the onscreen controls

4:3 is ONLY somewhat better for browsing, nothing else....

Same logic would imply old tube TVs are better than new 16:9 ones

  • AnonD-259899

AnonD-87374, 05 Nov 2014From everything I've read, it looks like the iPad Air 2 is ... moreIf nvidia had the advantage in perf/watt they would release it in a bid to win IP licensing deals form anyone and everyone possible because they really need the market share boost to help their struggling Tegra business. The reason it hasn't happened is because they cant. At the end of the day R&D leads need to innovate, no one stops or can stop an innovation from happening be it at another big company or even at a start up firm.

  • AnonD-87374

From everything I've read, it looks like the iPad Air 2 is gonna be about 10-15% faster in GFX related tasks than the Nexus 9, which brings me to my ponderings...

Does anyone find it weird that Nvidia (THE GFX CARD COMPANY), isn't making the best GFX chip?

Makes me wonder if companies purposefully hold back technology and just do 'an ok job' instead of being the 'best they can be' sometimes. *strokes imaginary beard*

  • AnonD-278523

eshantorres, 05 Nov 2014Its still not an iPad :-/ No where near an ipad air 2. Apple got a better chip, same ram, better camera, touch id, slimmer, better build, better display, better storage options, better app selection

  • AnonD-278523

darkraver, 04 Nov 20144:3 best for gaming?!? Gimme a logical break here...Yeah it is.. you can control the game much better, with 2hands

  • eshantorres

Its still not an iPad :-/

  • Gatus

"Some might find the new display ratio a tad awkward". That's AppelAre... ops, GSMArena for you guys. Apple always made tablets in this aspect ratio, now that we got an Android one with a powerful hardware, some might find it a tad awkward.

  • AnonD-175233

Did HTC really, honestly use that lemon wedge / cherries picture as part of its promo? >_>

  • XX

Results for geekbench 3: 4479 (Nexus 9: 3470)

  • XX

Benchmark results for my iPad Air 2(128GB):

Basemark II:
Overall 1990(Nexus 9: 1890)

Basemark X:
41632 (Nexus 9: 28244)

  • Anonymous

darkraver, 04 Nov 2014For an above 6500 battery it is crap There is a toptier ta... moreipad air 2 has 7340 mah battery and doesn't last as long