Motorola Nexus 6 review: Setting the tone

12 November 2014
Nexus 6 by Motorola marks a shift in market positioning for Google’s smartphone lineup. Whereas the duo of LG-made devices that precede it cut back on certain features to stay attractively priced, the Nexus 6 is ready to rub shoulders with...

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  • arrowzy

I want to u teach me how l can use my music to use a ringing tone on my Motorola Nexus 6.

AnonD-537185, 14 May 2016hello, I need to purchase a smartphone. I need at least 8 megapi... moreGalaxy s5, Alpha

  • AnonD-649133

What's up bros? I've been a fan of nexus for a long time. Still have the nexus 6

If you want personal advice about the nexus's it
1) Use nova launcher OR
2) Learn how to flash SIXROM to your Nexus 6 from youtube

  • vinu

is there a finger print sensor

  • Moto User

Hai i had motorola nexus 6 does it support volte . it supports band 3 5 41 . i dosent support band 40.
i had an option enhance LTE for better voice communication but still i cant find volte option on my screen in my phone. Can you please help me out regarding model is XT1103
And i didt get 7.0.1 update as moto promised.

  • AnonD-650711

Can't access internet connection without WiFi even though the mobile network is on why?

  • Anonymous

How do I send pictures on Nexus 6 using gmail?

  • AnonD-332347

AnonD-428852, 01 Aug 2016I have been using this phone for 5 months , I can say it's excel... moreI am thinking of buying it second hand. Would you say it is worth it for 14k?

  • AnonD-428852

I have been using this phone for 5 months , I can say it's excellent .
Performance is very good.
Battery is good.
Design is very beautiful.
Camera is good.
Screen is awesome.

  • arun

i want to buy this mobile.. but their is no stock in online.what to do?

  • AnonD-537185

hello, I need to purchase a smartphone. I need at least 8 megapixel camera at the back, android and a handsome back up battery. the smartphone should be handy, not bulky. I hate those big things. can you recommend me a model?

  • azad

all of my friends plz healf me
my nexus 6 bootloder was loked,,this problerm was creat when i geat a secruity update in 14-4-2016
my nexus 6 was not working,,

its devoloper option was off and bootloder was loketed

plz healf me my friends ,,and save my nexus 6

  • Pheonix2150a

Best smartphone I have ever used

  • Anonymous

AnonD-461786, 02 Nov 2015Hi, how is the performance of front Camera? is this fine while... moreThe front camera isn't much to brag about, but you will be able to recognize your own face from the photos. :)

  • Tony

bunny, 18 Apr 2015I am using this device from 2 months now and the device is aweso... moreit's splash resistant, not water proof.

  • mar mar

I sync my gmail in my nexus6 and I don't remember it wat must do

  • AnonD-461786

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2015My Nexus allows me take plenty of photos before it even warms up... moreHi, how is the performance of front Camera? is this fine while making vedio Calls?

  • AnonD-461786

Hi friends, I m gonna buy motorola nexus 6, happy with the spec which highlighted, and my only a doubt is, how the performance of front camera? can I make vedio calls with perfect quality? pls revert me back. it will be greatful.

  • AnonD-129510

Hi Guys, I'm planning to buy a phablet, and I'm strongly considering the Nexus 6, I will be heavily using it as a phone and would like to watch lots of videos on it. Is the amoled display panel on the Nexus 6 good enough?

  • AnonD-431620

im wondering if its possible to use the US version overseas and not have issues with 4g or such?

charger is multivolt so no issue.
$350 on amazon for 32gb. great price.