Nokia Lumia 730/735 review: Golden mean

16 November 2014
The battle in the midrange has never been so intense and manufacturers have to work harder than ever to climb to prominence. Microsoft is surely feeling the heat from Android with makers, big and...

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  • KRK

smagglinh, 02 Oct 2016Ineed to delet my old Microsoft account on my nonkia 730 an... morehai Friend,

Just u go to online Microsoft account and login your account from PC. chose you profile and select add/delete your account. otherwise it is not possible to delete in mobile.

  • Anonymous

In Lumia 730 can we use 4G Sim card?

  • Anonymous

Andy, 29 Aug 2015730 is win10 upgradable or not?? Now u can upgrade window 10

  • smagglinh

Ineed to delet my old Microsoft account on my nonkia 730 and put the new one I don't known what I must do there anyone can tell me what I must do

  • AnonD-352435

I have the phone for almost a year now and I like it a lot. It's a great phone and MS+Nokia proved that they could build a phone that wins from any low and mid budget Android Phone. This phone does not get slower over time, it still gets updates. And that is the sole reason I choose for this phone (meaning so far they delivered what my previous three Android phones did not, security and fluent use of the OS).
I broke the screen with one drop, it still works fine. I had to put plastic tape on it though otherwise glass pieces would fall out and I would get splinters in my fingers.
For those who continue reading, I had the concerns about heat before I broke the glass.
It's a shame MS only build this phone a couple of years to late (they're missing market share, which means lack of app builders).

Positive points
+ The case build is solid
+ The OS is solid
+ I'm still getting security updated even thought the phone is pretty old (almost 2 years after being put on the market)
+ The photo quality is good
+ Dual sim works like a charm
+ Good battery life (I would like more, but according to today's standards it's fine)
+ Charging time is good
+ Windows OS is so easy to use, I love the live tiles
+ Good sound quality
+ The size fits perfect in your jeans pocket

Negative points
- Screen is gorilla glass my ass, For at most 15 seconds I put the phone in the same pocket as I was keeping 1 key and it got a scratch on it, screen protector is a must
- These days it's out dated and a bit slow, but I cannot complain to much about it since the phone had a relatively good price for value at the moment of purchase
- The power button is in the middle on the side, this is great for unlocking the phone, but not handy for a car holder (I would have preferred it at the top)
- I cannot look into archived (but labeled) Google e-mails (not sure if this is a missing feature in the mail client or Google preventing MS to do so, but it's annoying) which makes it impossible to use the search function to find e-mails
- Lack of some applications, most can be used via the website anyway so it's not the biggest miss, but it would be better if they also had... Marktplaats (dutch e-bay), LinkedIn (exists but is useless), ANWB, Snapchat (I don't use it, but it's not present in the store)
- Cannot replace just the glass, unless you have all the specialized tools and chemicals. A new screen cost the same as the entire phone
- I noticed that when I play a game, the phone can become quiet hot (I do not have it in a special case so that is not causing it), even up to a point where it starts to worry me a bit and I blow to cool it down or I shutdown the app for a minute
- With Win10 some new issues have been introduced
--- Sometimes it does not let me delete text in an e-mail also the send button does not work, solution is a reboot
--- Sometimes the brightness is way to dark or way to bright when unlocking it, solution is lock and unlock the phone again

  • Amit

have a fun with windows but latest w10 required to update in 730. just buy this phone actually I am plan to buy iphone 5s but buy 730 lumia. actually I used windows phone from last 2 yrs the features of nokia is not available in any phone. best battery, high resolution screen, fastest mobile ever I have seen & main important thing is windows not get hanged but it should not be overloaded mean you run many apps in single time then your phone might be get hanged otherwise no issue in Nokia or Microsoft. there is huge difference in Nokia phone & Microsoft phone. Microsoft screen quality is dull. don't know about the functions of Microsoft mobile but nokia is best.....................................................

Microsoft can easily beat android but they has to think a lot on this.......

  • adorable

Andy, 29 Aug 2015730 is win10 upgradable or not?? Yes it is

  • sharon

M confuse which phone is better for me android or windows please guys suggest.......

  • AnonD-320408

is there any one using Preview Build 14322 ?
i am in preview build 14322 while others are on
is it normal...

  • ABHVid

A great phone for its range. Loving the clearblack display. Has All I want in a phone.
I give it 9/10

  • HHH

Windows is the best OS , much much better than android..... Its battery lasts long way better than android, u get to use full Ram where in android u dont, the phone mostly never ever hangs like android does & its very secured .

  • Ishk

Who told whatsapp in android is better than windows.. frnds its not.. we can even forward a video without downloading in windows, but not in android..

  • AnonD-476243

lumia 730 have amazing design coll specs cheap price

  • Thomas

If put the phone in your pant pocket and sit you might lose 3G. in the past year I got two replacement

  • Amit RS

I used this phone for about 6 months and then i sold this phone to buy Iphone 5s. Seriously i my mistake to choose iphone 5s over 730. In almost all terms this phone performed very well except fast charging,less apps and whatsapp yeah whatsapp is far better in Android!

  • AnonD-459248

best windows phone ever .......
in design in looks feature at a low price awsm
who says window is running low on applications
all ur needed apps are available in store and even more of them u have never heard of before and useful
great buy :)

  • Picar0

player007, 14 Oct 2015When will windows 10 upgrade available for Nokia Lumia 730 ?Sorry to tell you that, but you will have to ask it to Microsoft, as W10M is a product from them and not from GSMArena.
As for me, I will not be too eager, though the W10M arrival to most smartphones is just a question of time. So why not making/buying some popcorn during the wait lol :) ?

  • player007

When will windows 10 upgrade available for Nokia Lumia 730 ?

  • crazzdude

dev, 10 Aug 2015Which cell phone is better lumia 730 or xiaomi mi4i ? Plz t... more730 Lumia

  • Amin

Andy, 29 Aug 2015730 is win10 upgradable or not?? Yes